The Message from the Left to Conservatives in Political Prosecutions:

"We can do this to ANYONE who opposes us, and we can get away with ANYTHING, no matter how unconstitutional, illegal, deceitful, or tyrannical.

This includes anyone who runs against them for President or any other office ever, and anyone who supports them or votes for them.

They are using laws in a way they never have been, and for things they was never intended for. Also using some obscure laws. There are MANY obscure laws. The average American actually commits 3 felonies a day.

The idea here is: NOBODY IS SAFE from them, if you oppose them.

THAT is the end game.

And if this brings you glee on the left, just remember this, the “revolution” always ends up going after everyone, including supporters. Hitler Killed all the brown shirts, many who lead the French revolution got the guillotine, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, and Un killed literally millions of supporters, starting with many from the top, and ALL became serfs.

Et tu, Brute?

Make no mistake, the road we are heading down today is the most dangerous we have ever taken in our history. I believe but I pray not, it will end in blood, poverty, and loss of freedoms.


Anti-Fa is one of the most dangerous splinter groups in modern U.S. history.

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They have absolutely become the very fascists they used to virtue-signal against.


A sure sign they are doing something illegal or unconstitutional is they accuse the right of it. If they accuse, they are doing it.


Another thing coming with electric money, and ESG is the police state like China.

“We” haven’t done it to anyone other than that one dude.



They have done that with nearly everything in their history.


I know… the left is happy about it…

You just made my point of the OP.

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One dude

Not McCarthy. Not desantis. Not Jordan

One dude.

You won’t listen though

Victimhood is easier.

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We can do this to anyone, but we choose not to.


The party of law and order shows its hypocrisy when their cult leader gets prosecuted for crime.

Kind of like how the LDS members still think Warren Jeffs is innocent… even though he is in jail.


You aren’t listening. Read the OP again. It’s not about ONE man. It’s where this is going, where it leads to. Plus, it’s not just one man they are after.


It won’t end with Trump. It is political prosecution.

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Biden and his family have done MUCH worse than the left IMAGINED Trump did. No, they won’t be prosecuted. No democrat ever is. We all know it. We see what is coming toward US as well. It will come to YOU eventually.

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You won’t listen. But I’ll keep trying.

It could have started a long time ago. It didn’t. It could have continued already. It hasn’t.

But hysteria is fun

Look back and what you typed in this post to which I am responding and see if you can find the motivated reasoning and logical flaws contained there.

My guess is you won’t be able to…

What do you suppose will happen if Biden ends up winning in 2024?


That one criminal dude.

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