The Mentally unhinged attack Trump supporter at womans march

A youtube video of a woman grabbing a guy by his privates at a march against sexual harassment. The perp does not have the mental ability to understand what she did was wrong. It’s an amazing video of leftist compartmentalization. Some cussing too, so be aware.

She enters at 3:11. She justifies her action based the tape where Trump says he grabbed, them by… Except we have no women saying that happened. She actually does it and laughs. Perfect! Probably loves Bill Clinton too.,

Probably a plant.

That’s some funny ■■■■ right there. I wonder why he didn’t press any charges with the cops being a few feet away.

I guess we will see, because he actually had her arrested.

He did…later.

Good for him. Case closed.

Do you think they’ll check her political registration?

Video is from a month ago why are you posting it now?

That guy looks like he lives in his mothers basement

Because it was not covered by MSM… Of course…

How do you know that? Have you personal read every news story reported in america in the last 30 days


There’s laws against that.

She moved on him like a bitch.

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Wouldn’t google have those articles?

Umm. Are you sure? Cause I’m pretty sure I read about in the Post 2 weeks ago…

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Yes… did everything she said she was against.

Buried in the “public safety” section and called an “incident” not “sexual assault” and a dig at the victim for working at info wars…

Perfect, thanks for proving my point…


Do you think it should have been front page news?


You guys are really bad at this.


Oh well, nobody’s perfect. It’s been reported to the police. Everybody should experience the consequence of their actions and what she did was wrong.

You think what she did is wrong, don’t you? Do you hold all that do what she did to the same level of accountability?

Come on…Buried in the “public safety” section and called an “incident” not “sexual assault”

And go google how many stories there are about this unknown Trump supporter and how many stories are on the sexual assault of this guy…TY,TY,TY…


He’s not an “unknown Trump supporter”. He’s Alex Jones’s right hand man.

Edit: i believe I misinterpreted who you were referring to.