The mentally unhinged at Trump rallies: BBC photog attacked in El Paso

So a BBC photographer was attacked at Trump’s cheerleader rally in El Paso. (See the video in the tweet below.) The next day, Sarah Sanders said, "President Trump condemns all acts of violence against any individual or group of people — including members of the press. We ask that anyone attending an event do so in a peaceful and respectful manner.”

During the rally, though, Trump made comments about the press.

This has been an ongoing thing. What’s it gonna take for the president to shut his mouth on this type of stuff? No matter that he actually asked if everything was OK after the incident happened. He’s the cause. This crap needs to stop before someone gets killed.

I cannot wait for the time when Sarah is gone from White House. Her water carrying and Trumpsplaining is ridiculous.

When Sanders makes a comment, it is a pretty good bet that the truth lies elsewhere.

I’m sure it was staged. If the BBC was really threatened and thought this was a real trend they’d press charges for all journalist’s protection and we’d know who the guy was…

This is just like the empire stars attack claim that’s falling apart…

We will see a lot of staged racism and press attack this cycle. It’s TDS

95% of the political press is fake because they are just partisan democrats. We all know it. Stop pretending otherwise…


You hope it was staged. Your support of Trump rests within a healthy hatred of liberals.


That’s TBS (Trump ■■■■■■■■ Syndrome).

If one thread on this isn’t enough…the 2nd makes it twice as good…amirite?

Notice…the identity of the attacker still hasn’t been released. Hmmmmmm…I wonder why?

Tell us more. Expand on your wondering.

All in due time my pretty…all in due time.

IT was the same guy who killed Seth Rich.

Yeah, I thought as much.

Was she the one that melted or the one that had the house fall on her?

It’s a deep state plot. Call Rush.

Hmmmm…the attacker still hasn’t been identified? I wonder why? It should be easy to expose this alleged Trump supporter? This is now day 3.

Remember when a few people in the country said that right after the gym murdered the girl with his car in Charlottesville?

Because no one pressed charges.

Why? It was vicious? This perp needs to be identified and punished and the state can do that.

no clue why don’t you ask the cameraman.

you seem really defensive about this for some reason.

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The cameraman doesn’t have to press charges. If the attack is as vicious as what was reported, the state will handle the case. If the state doesn’t press forward with it, what does that then suggest?