The Matrix Resurrections

I saw The Matrix Resurrections over the Holiday weekend, and I enjoyed it.

It was a entertaining and wild trip. I enjoyed some of the action scenes in the film.

It wasn’t great as the first film, but I don’t understand all of the hate it’s getting.

It’s a good film to see in theaters.

I give it a grade of an B+.


  1. Took forever to lay the groundwork. It took Neo an hour to be Neo.

  2. kudos to the brothers who pretend to be sisters who created the movie. They kept the Woke nonsense to a minimum. I guess they have some business sense.

  3. middle age Neo and Trinnity… plus all the young characters: something for all ages. Again …kudos.

  4. machines on “our side”. Another good decision. Kudos again.

  5. after hour number 1, things took off and became what everyone wanted to see.

  6. they had me going for a few minutes regarding Trinnity. I was like “how can this be?”

  7. John Wicke … I guess he was making 2 movies at the same time. It worked.

I haven’t seen the movie yet, but I did play the Matrix Unreal Engine 5 technical demo on PS5.

I had issues telling who was the real Keanu and who was the digital Keanu. I had to watch a breakdown afterwards that pointed out which one was digital and which one was actually Keanu. They swapped them in and out during the introductory video intentionally getting the player to try and figure out what was real and what wasn’t.

Unreal Engine 5 is some serious graphical and worldbuilding tech. Crazy part is that it was a relatively small team (around forty guys) that made it in just a few months.

I could see movies going to UE5 for some digital effects. Video games have finally caught up with pre rendering.

As I understand it, DBZ: Kakarot was made with Unreal Engine 4.

The upcoming DBS: Super Hero movie appears to be taking advantage of just that.

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I snagged a PS5 but havent had a chance to actually play it at all, is the demo still available?

Really interested in checking it out

Yeah I think so. I can still Re download it.

It’s about 25 gigs in size.

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I don’t blame them. UE4 has its issues sometimes, but it’s super simple to load in assets and create geometry with. Plus Epic’s huge pre defined texture assets for materials. A developer can do a lot without increasing the workload.

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This is the best thing to happen to anime in a long time.

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I liked it better than the 2nd and 3rd doesn’t come close to the original which is a high bar. Still in the category this should have been just a one off movie from the beginning. It didn’t need crappy sequels and the ending on the first one was great.


Yep. I don’t think I even watched the 3rd.

I just watched it last night. I wasn’t too satisfied with it.

Ending just leading up to next movie.

The 2nd and the 3rd were terrible, a waste of potential I haven’t watched resurrection yet but I’m hopeful it’s decent

I watched it the other day. Much better than 2 and 3, not as good as 1, but how could it be?

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Your blessed that was literally one of the worst movies I ever saw.