The Massive Florida COVID Spike - Explained

For those posters who took much joy in pointing out Florida’s massive COVID spike.

"For example, state data showed that Orlando Health, a local hospital, had a 98% COVID-19 positivity rate. But when WOFL reached out to the hospital, hospital officials said their positivity rate is only 9.4%.

State reports also claimed Orlando VA Medical Center had a positivity rate of 76% — but the hospital told WOFL its positivity rate is only 6%.

The Florida Department of Health blamed the discrepancy on labs they claim are not immediately reporting testing results."

Why would anyone believe 100% or anything in that range? That would be an obvious mistake.


What does this prove again?


So are the hospitals lying to the state, or is the state lying to the public? And in both cases, for why?


Who’s lying here?


So if the lab doesn’t give up to date data, the department of health default to 100%?

So many weird accusations

Yes, some of the private labs were not reporting to the state correctly. They weren’t correctly reporting negative cases. The percentage was wrong, but the number of positive cases is still correct.

Good local reporting on suspect numbers. Again though, the positive numbers of new cases is the same.


When hospitals start implementing diversion, and re-allocating beds, then we are close to the bodies starting to hit the floor.
Florida is close to being a bit overwhelmed, no doubt.
The death rate is rising, meaning more beds are in use.
It is the bed usage oversaturation we need to avoid.
Numbers don’t lie, but people do, and some just screw up.
It is either gonna’ get real bad this coming week, or not.
I follow death rate, and bed useage as these two factors determine
the real impact.
I hope our medical workers can stave it off now that we know their own imunity only last a few weeks.


54 state hospitals are full. They hit a death toll record today.

How do you explain those facts away?

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It does not fit the Trump narrative that the pandemic is not really a pandemic. There literally is nothing to be concerned about.

The rest of the globe has been fooled by a plot to elect Joe Biden. The deaths in Italy and around the world in the last four months are no different to other years.

As for wearing masks that somehow is against a persons constitutional rights and ■■■■ everyone else who might be at risk.

Yes, but clearly not a hearsay exception.

Hospitals are starting to feel it.
This week will show or not show a serious issue in Florida.
We do need to see a drop, like right now, not a rise further, this is real.
Or just stop reporting altogether if one doesn’t like the data, China did it.

Evidence the death rate is climbing.

The increase in cases isn’t just testing. New guidelines include untested contacts in the “cases” number. That is, if a confirmed positive test subject says they were in contact with 5 other people, all 5 are added to “cases” even if they are never tested. 100% transmission rate is assumed. Even incredibly nasty diseases like Ebola don’t have 100% transmission rates.

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Thanks for the added info, glad the local news is checking up on this.

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You can’t internet-lawyer your way out of a pandemic anymore than you can gaslight your way out.

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Ebola is way way way harder to catch than Covid. Ebola isn’t airborne.

You realize this data actually reveals the exact opposite of your contention, don’t you?

Suppressing negative results makes Florida look better at controlling the virus, not worse.

And the positivity RATE has nothing to do with the total number of new cases per day…which is how the spike is measured.

Are you addressing me?

By whom? The mayor of Miami flat out stated he is using positivity rate to make his decisions. So did Abbott in Texas.