The Making of the Fox News White House

The dems have the entire rest of the news, and they are even more biased than Fox, which has a lot of Trump haters too…

The dems also have Hollywood…

So, not sure why some leftists hate even a tiny bit of competition from the other side. They forgot Voltaire.

Trump is Hollywood.

It is quite interesting to see how far some will go to convince themselves that FoxNews did not do the right thing here.

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It’s not really surprising here. Fox News wails about media corruption more than anyone else but it turns out they’re actually the most corrupt.

Don’t worry… there will be zero introspection done.

So…are you cool with bias in the media or not?

I expected to see more allegations of fake news but it seems even their supporters know it’s probably true.

If you only think Fox News is the only right-leaning broadcast out there, you need to expand your horizons a bit.

And all the complaints are generalizations. Nothing specific.

Either way it’s false equivalence at the very least. FOX isn’t just biased, it is under the covers snuggling with this administration. Imagine if Obama was bringing Rachel Maddow to Vietnam for a summit with a ruthless dictator or calling Bill Maher every day for policy advice. This ■■■■ is off the rails ridiculous and we shouldn’t be distracted by these flaccid deflections from the resident water-Luggers.


No matter what, alphabet network news is much more popular than cable.

Fox and Trump are perfect together, nothing but projection. Fake news! Media bias!

And filled with sexual predators.

If someone owns a business, and a customer purchases a faulty product and brings it back, should the business owner:

a) Do all in their power to make things right and satisfy the customer?


b) Make a list for the customer of items at other places of business that also might be broken?

In other words deflection ain’t pretty and doesn’t lend strength to your position. Not to mention the completely weaksauce comparison. Trump is one and same with Fox News. They are a hive mind.

Yeah, what we’re seeing between the right-wing media/Fox and Trump is far beyond what we’ve seen before.

The relationship between Fox and Trump is a living realization of all the things Trump/the right-wing media/Republicans SAID was happening with Democrats at the “MSM”-but it’s happening right before our eyes with Trump and Fox and it is JUSTIFIED by those who don’t like bias in the “MSM.”

There’s A LOT of justification coming from the right-wing as of late.

Trump was made president by Fox. It’s more or less the only place that would give him an outlet to say the things they wanted their viewers to hear, and he gladly complied. 5 million dollar birth certificate challenge, anyone?

Maybe I was asleep during the Obama years, but I just don’t recall Obama being in bed with personalities at other networks the way Trump is with Fox. This is direct.

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Weren’t some of the people justifying what FoxNews is systematically doing here (the key word being “systematically”) splitting a gut because one CNN reporter supposedly WENT SHOPPING with Kamala Harris?

Because going shopping is so much more embedded than setting up an interview at a summit to help shape the President’s message…

That’s what happens when fake news keeps the public uninformed.

Obama created a deepstate media with members of his Administration from what I see.

Any evidence these three gave their siblings or spouse direct access to Obama or they used their networks to be Obama’s unofficial state press?

Funny you point out Ben Rhodes. The media almost to a man beat the ever living ■■■■ out of him for his memo and Jay Carney’s ridiculous explanation for it.

Guess that “insider access” Rhodes was giving the press didn’t do Obama any favors.

Looks like he hired them just for that relationship.