The Lodestar papers

So I asked this on the Resistance thread but it wasnt getting any play so I will see if I can get some here.

I saw one or 2 comments about Lodestar. A word I had never even heard of until yesterday and apparently a word that Mike Pence uses often. Its a few hundred posts since I last looked but have you guys discussed Lodestar? Being that Pence cant be fired I would love to be in the same room when He and trump are in it for the first time. Do you really think it appropriate for a sitting VP to backstab the P like this? Is Pence a Rat or a Patriot?

What are the ramifications for Pence? What kind of POTUS will we have as one being so devisive to gain the office?

Depending on how much of a machine learning geek you are, you might find this article interesting:

It’s some nice data science analysis with text mining along the lines of word usage and such.

It won’t be Pence.

Leakers in the Trump admin have used specific words to throw off the scent and make it look like it came from someone else.

Besides, Pence will have used a speechwriter.

I seriously doubt Pence did this. Because…crazy.

But…if he did do it- it would be the mother of all Constitutional crises. Either Congress would impeach and remove Pence for being a “Traitor”, or they would remove Trump for inability to perform his job (or any number of his scandals.)

Either way it would rip apart the GOP. But again- I seriously doubt its Pence.

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Yeah, no way it’s Pence. He’s probably the biggest fat donald lap dog there is.

Pompeo is definitely possible.

I’d still be surprised if its a cabinet member.

Yeah, while the lodestar thing is interesting, reading from experts about stylometry analysis leads me to conclude that focusing on individual words like this isn’t particularly effective.

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Whoever wrote that paper could have also known of Pence’s use of that word and put it in there intentionally.

There are people who are quite skilled at comparing writing styles. If there are none officially emplyoyed to do some comparisons, then its highly likely that there are some out over the internet at work on this right now.

The most Parochial man in office in modern history and you "Believe: he is trumps Lapdog? Seriously?

Perhaps but “Why?”

Pompeo or Coats, my money is on Coats.

Do you think that is what Pence is telling trump right now? Pence was not trumps pick. He was Manaforts.


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If right wingnut Christian history has taught us anything, is that they’re the biggest hypocrites on earth.

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I think Coats is smarter than that, it wouldn’t mean much coming from him.

Either way whoever did it should be resigning shortly, if they have any kind of political foresight.

I don’t really know. I’m just saying that using TD-IDF data analysis or other stylometry here is not very conclusive, that’s all.

Yup, the oped also contains “first principles” which Mattis has used in a few of his speeches.

Fair enough. I get that. When was the last time before 2 days ago you used the word “Lodestar”?

Looking at their history, Coats has had a more contentious relationship with fat donald.

If I had to bet money I would say "First Principles’ is more widely used than “Lodestar”.