The Little Things You Notice During A Pandemic

Of course we all know the human cost of the pandemic, and I’m not whining or complaining about small things that really don’t matter. Just observations, and I didn’t put it in Politics for a reason.

The roads were emptier early on back in March and April, but traffic seems to be nearing normal levels now.

While shelves emptied all around the country early on, most food shelves seem to be fairly well stocked when I go now. I do still have trouble finding a few items. Minute Rice, Old El Paso taco sauce and Knorr pasta side varieties we use are scarce or missing altogether. I also can’t find 12oz. 12-pks of Cherry Coke (probably better for me not to) because of the aluminum shortage. Birthday card selections also seem to be thinner than usual.

I also do most of my shopping either really early or right at closing and the crowds are better at those times.

I was in stores on the day the National Emergency was declared. Prince’s Let’s Go Crazy and REM’s End of the World As We Know It were playing as people cleaned out the shelves. Nowadays the play lists seem to be a bit more oriented to the issues of protests Why Can’t We Be Friends, Three little Birds, What I Am

I think the people I interact with are generally friendlier. I’m always polite and friendly to strangers, and try to mind my surroundings to not inconvenience people, and I think many others are doing a better job of being more considerate because of social distancing. I’ve never seen anything like the stories in the news where people are fighting over masks and such. I have had a few people make sideways comments when they see people wearing a mask down below their nose, but no confrontations arose from it.

Anyone else have any favorite brands missing from shelves, or other observations they want to share??

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From March through April, shelves were cleared of paper products. A local Dollar Tree type store had to restrict purchases of chlorine bleach & toilet paper to two per customer.

In more recent months, that hasn’t been the case & that particular store is no longer restricting purchases. Traffic is more or less back to normal.

Interactions are more courteous, but one observance is this: living in a state where mask wearing is obligatory, do these numbskulls think the disposable ones are going to walk themselves into the trash? They seem to think spread will be contained by wearing nonlatex gloves & littering them in parking lots.

I work in an environment where there are plenty of red bag trash cans, & masks & gloves still get littered in the bathroom & parking lot. Too many need to grow up & pick up after themselves.

Thankfully the shortages seem to be over where I am. That was the most jarring change to me.

Plastic shields everywhere, separating customers from staff.

The lack of events (sports, concerts).

Gym closed since late March and having to improvise workouts to stay sane.

My impression is that people are of two types in these times - the entitled boors who think they are owed something and can do as they please without regard for others, and the guarded, less friendly than usual but still polite sorts who realize we are all in this together. I’ve experienced the latter in much greater numbers. The new behavior reminds me of the social interactions I experienced overseas pre-pandemic, actually. Strangers were more reserved in the UK and Ireland but still very helpful and accomodating to this foreigner.

You still can’t get Lysol around here but everything else is back to normal supply it seems.

Yeah that’s true here too. The cleaning supplies shelf at my local Home Depot is still a little bare.

Honestly I was so grateful to see TP again nothing else mattered. :wink:

Everything has been well-stocked for months now out here, cleaning supplies and all. When Wal-Mart unilaterally instituted a mandatory mask policy, I learned that Price Chopper has better prices on chicken and shrimp.

As mentioned already, there are lots of masks on the ground in parking lots and on streets, and I’ve yet to see any Karens confronting people who choose not to wear disposable masks at their own expense.

Thankfully I haven’t seen a lot of this. Nearly everyone here uses cloth masks.

At least they aren’t littering.

Paying a $50.00 co-pay to talk to my cardiologist on the phone about how I’m feeling.


I called and told them I wasn’t going to do that. They rescheduled me for an office visit. I saw him last Tuesday and he scheduled me for another echo-cardiogram 9/11.

Is that a bad date? LOL

People wearing masks outside by them selves or the ones driving their car by them selves with a mask.

Wash and wear is the way to go, not that it can replace a hazmat suit.

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I actually do that, but only when I’m going directly from one store to another. I figure it’s best not to fiddle with it in between touching shopping carts and products or other surfaces.

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you get used to any form of PPE and pretty soon feel naked when you don’t have it in where you’re supposed to. The other day I was in the grocery store and relied I had mine on upside down, the nose form was in my chin. I found a quiet spot, took off my mask and switched it around. Felt like I was taking my **** out in the store.


if only masks were anything but a useless symbol of government control

I haven’t noticed much of a difference aside masks being required.

Everyone is crazy busy trying to keep up with demand.

Folks are pretty good about wearing a mask and polite. Then again, they always have been in my neck of the woods.

As for items missing from shelves? Hollandaise and Bearnaise Sauce packets are the only things I’ve really noticed.

Of course I can make my own.

My freezers are stocked full of veggies and meat. Living in a hurricane zone you learn to do this.



Okay, just gotta tell you when I see someone alone in a vehicle with a mask on it makes me giggle a bit :wink:

No doubt. I haven’t really noticed any others doing it, but I know why I’ve been doing it. It does feel ridiculous.

I see it all the time and never think twice about it. Your reasoning is valid and understandable.