The lies of our Socialists running for office will now take center stage

See AP FACT CHECK: Some inconvenient truths for 2020 Democrats

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Democratic presidential contenders have some inconvenient truths to grapple with.

It’s not easy, for example, to summon foreboding words on the economy — accurately — when the U.S. has been having its longest expansion in history.

. . .

And in slamming President Donald Trump relentlessly for his treatment of migrants, the Democrats gloss over the record of President Barack Obama (and his vice president, Joe Biden), whose administration deported them by the millions and housed many children in the border “cages” they assail Trump for using now.

The article really pinpoints the outright lies, distortions and misrepresentation which our communist/socialist candidates have been peddling.


They are not “liberals” or “progressives”. The Democrat Party Leadership is infested with communists and socialists who delude, lure and addict our nations needy with free government cheese.


Thanks for confirming, once again, that Democrats have never been for “open borders.”


Thanks for also confirming that illegals don’t collect social security.


Double Zing

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So the OP is laying out reasons to vote Democrat and how the CEC is lying about Democrat positions.



Longest expansion in history”. It’s almost self-explanatory why this is an easy subject for Democrats, especially Biden.

Also, the debt.

Talk about the reckless policy of using it as a blanket deterrent, rather than as needed. Talk about the lost children.

These issues aren’t a problem for Democrats when they’re addressed in more than 280 characters.


From the article:

Many Democrats continue to exploit the imagery of “babies in cages” — as Harris put it — without acknowledging Obama used the facilities, too. His administration built the McAllen, Texas, center with chain-link holding areas in 2014.

Under Trump, journalists have witnessed migrants crowded into fetid chain-link quarters. The maltreatment of migrants is the responsibility of the Trump administration — and arguably Congress, for not approving more money for better care.

But the facilities are standard fare through administrations and the caged-babies accusations stand as one of the most persistent distortions by the 2020 Democrats.



The Democrat Leadership is correct! The border crisis has been manufactured. It has been manufactured by the Communist/Socialist Democrat Leadership in Congress refusing to protect our borders against an ongoing invasion.

A conga line of liars, every time they open their mouth its a lie whether its bashing President Trump or proclaiming to give everything away for free, its all lies the likes of “you can keep your doctor if you want to” it’s all pandering with no intention of follow through. It’s crazy. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thanks for sharing.

That has nothing to do with social security.

The :roll_eyes: does lend the appearance of relevance for those who don’t comprehend the written word.

What on earth does Social Security have to do with “caged-babies” which is “one of the most persistent distortions by the 2020” socialist/communist Democrats running for office? Eh?



They are not “liberals” or “progressives”. The Democrat Party Leadership is infested with communists and socialists who delude, lure and addict our nations needy with free government cheese.

I don’t understand how a Trump supporter can complain about a lying politician.


How is it you are thess lacking in basic knowledge on Dem party? Do you not know anything about all of Dem leadership and most of Dem members in congress? Might want to actually learn about them then would not make such a ill informed commit like this OP pushes. First off Top Dem Nancy Pelosi is more a captialist than you and would defend it by electing Trump over some one who is a left leaning like Sanders. She has more at stake from her donors in Silicon Valley that would lose out if communism was ever implemented in this country.

Second the most left leaning Dem candidate is Sanders and he is a Democratic Socialist which to small minded equals USSR communism. But it is policy most EU uses. A Democratic Country with Socialism implemented to larger extent to help countries citizens enjoy a higher standard of living, health care, life expectancy and freedoms than many in US do not receive. Please stop spreading the lies of the rich bought message of brain washing right wing media, it is not to your advantage but to the advantage of the uber rich.


You are absolutely incorrect!

What Nancy Pelosi promotes is democrat capitalism . . . socialism and communism by a different name!

She does not promote our free market, free enterprise system and the defined and limited powers granted to our federal government under Article 1, Section 8, Clause1. Instead, Nancy Pelosi and the Democrat Leadership promotes using government force to confiscate the property working people have earned by the sweat of their labor, and redistributing this “capital” for the personal economic needs of others. . . . i.e., From each according to his ability , to each according to his needs. " which is a slogan popularized by Karl Marx.


Socialist democrats running for office will promise food on the table, free public housing, health care for all, guaranteed income, free college tuition, and other niceties by taxing the so called rich; and if by chance they ever do gain political power because of such promises made, their socialist iron-fisted dependency will enslave the very fools who elected them.

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No she doesn’t. She’s just a corporate stooge.

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‘There are lots of killers. You think our country is so innocent?’

Trump’s reply to Bill O’Reilly characterizing Putin as a killer.

Hatred for America is in the eyes of the beholder. So let’s stop arguing about something utterly subjective and unknowable.


It was a fact from your article. Didn’t you read it?


Here you go again, John. Can you name anyone in federal government, in any party, who advocates an unfettered free market? All are quite comfortable with pork and the redistribution of wealth, in varying degrees.

Trump’s $16 billion bailout of farmers hurt by trade wars? Is that not your dreaded confiscation of ‘the property working people have earned by the sweat of their labor and redistributing this ‘capital’ for the personal economic needs of others’?

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It was quite the run on sentence.

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The funniest thing I saw in a while was on ABC News tonight.

The story was about the House Oversight Committee blasting Trump over his pushing of a nuclear deal with Saudi Arabia, saying it was promoted by Thomas Barrack, Trump’s head of his inaugural committee, who stood to profit from such a deal.

That wasn’t the funny part.

The funny part was ABC News showed a clip of Barrack greeting a crowd of people in Washington.

Standing next to him…grinning from ear to ear was…

…Nancy Pelosi.

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