The Liberal PC Culture Has to End

Jonathan Haidt and Greg Lukianoff recently released an excellent book called “The Coddling of the American Mind”, which is a challenge against the culture of safetyism that has sprung up in America over the last few decades.

I’m a big fan of Haidt and this book is a great read, although it does not go into the same depth as his previous works. Most of the anecdotes in the book have probably been discussed on this site or the old boards. College campuses have transformed from a place of open ideas to closed mindedness. They track the rise of this culture to the graduation of the last classes of millennials (around 2013) and the first full classes of iGen (Gen Z, starting around 1995). This generation has grown up with cell phones in their pockets which give them access to social media 24x7.

iGen is characterized by lower rates of drinking, drug abuse, abstaining from sex, but also by higher rates of anxiety, depression, self harm and suicide. 18 year olds are going off to college with the mental maturity of approximately a 15 year old from even a decade ago. Haidt and Lukianoff argue why this is bad for society, but it’s very early on and the data will take years to fully reveal itself.

Here’s the problem with PC culture. Liberals are infighting about how many genders exist and whether or not discussing an issue will lead to emotional trauma for someone and should therefore be avoided. At the same time, the biggest group of collective whiners in the history of the world are organizing on the right. The absolute inability for a new idea to penetrate the thin layer of cotton/polyester that has been dyed red is astounding. In one week we’ve seen three violent attacks by this brigade. The first was a racially motivated shooting at a Kroger. The second was the largest political assassination attempt in US history. The third was the largest anti-semitic attack in US history. While the first could be attributed to general forces that have always existed, the latter two are directly sourced back to rhetoric coming from soulless GOP politicians.

The problem with liberal PC culture is that it has made it impossible to call out these ■■■■■■■■■ The GOP has eroded the Constitutional Republic to an extent I didn’t think possible two years ago, and we’re cannibalizing our own for using the wrong pronouns. This isn’t a time to be polite. Trump has guaranteed that his supporters will not listen, nor will they respect norms. They need to be called out for what they are. Deplorable was not an accurate description for these cretins, as it did not go far enough. We’re witnessing the coalescing of every terrible right wing faction that has lurked in the shadows for years, and they’re the ones with the guns.

The first step is a sound ass whipping at the ballot box next week. Step two is murky. The issue is the guaranteed violence that the red hats will carry out between now and the time that we can actually return this country to a normal footing.

Stop being PC and call out these ■■■■■■■■

Liberalism isn’t preventing people from calling out horrible behavior for what it is. If anything, it’s self proclaimed moderates/independents who like to think themselves “above” the fray of partisan politics and therefore looks for a reason to “both sides” every single issue.

Saw Jonathan Haidt on Bill Maher this past Friday and it triggered me to buy this book. Looking forward to reading it.

It’s pretty good, but it’s spun out of the article that I linked in. You’re not missing much if you only read the article. I’d highly recommend his other two books, “The Happiness Hypothesis” and “The Righteous Mind”

liberal infighting gives him fuel. I think we can put the whole fringe left plan of action on hold for five seconds while we save the Republic.

On an off note… I hate this demonization of “trigger warnings” like it is some new ultra lefty idea.

It has been around all of my life. It used to be called “Veiwer Discretion is Advised”

Step 1. Vote.
Step 2. ???
Step 3. Profit.


yeah, but the point that Haidt makes in the book is that over the last few years we’ve pushed the idea that emotional discomfort is equivalent to actual physical trauma. When this happens, it becomes an institution’s responsibility to protect someone from that trauma, and that’s a dangerous game to play.

I think step 2 should be the censure or impeachment of the ringleaders of Trump’s merry band of ■■■■ sticks.

When those people, and their families/ friends/ coworkers/ like minded people get mailed bombs, get gunned down or get called enemies of the country, they’ll change. It’s inevitable.

That’s why I continue to say that democrats will come back 10 times harder at trump then trump ever dreamed of.

Not at all what I was expecting from this topic, and you, sir, are ■■■■■■■■■ right.

Trump’s support has gone up this week. We’ve crossed the rubicon and our side only has ■■■■■■■ Pompey.

Oh I can agree that the zealousness for complete protection can go too far but I would hate for it to swing too far the other way where there is no consideration given to subject matter that some may find traumatic.

I only say these things because I remember how my ex reacted to a date night movie years ago where there was a rape that occurred out of really no where. She was raped in college. I am sure the experience would have been different if she had had the opportunity to mentally prepare for that scene or…we would have watched something else.

Identifying trigger warnings aren’t necessarily a bad thing… but I do agree that it becomes a problem when a law professor can’t talk about rape in a law course.

The left definitely needs to recognize the weaknesses they have created for themselves, they have completely exposed themselves to the bullies and vitriol that has co-opted the right.

A recent example was Warren with her weakness and complete lack of self awareness, playing right into the bully. Stuff like that feeds the unmasked beast on the right.


I like him, some of the “Ted Talks” he appears in on YouTube is worth a watch.

yes see that’s almost exactly the situation that Haidt is arguing needs to be protected. PTSD comes from actual, physical trauma. The problem with safetyism is that we play into the hands of anxiety. iGen has more anxiety and depression than any previous generation but it’s not caused by physical trauma from war or rape or some violent offense. People with anxiety and depression don’t need to be reminded of all of the reasons why they should be anxious and depressed. They need CBT, or ACT, or drugs.

The concept he discusses at length is “anti-fragility”. Kids need to be pushed around a little bit when they’re younger so they know how to handle it when they’re older. You can’t just collapse into a ball of nerves when something doesn’t go your way. But now we’ve elevated that “emotional trauma” to the same level as someone has been raped, or mugged, or been to war. That’s not a good thing for society.

yes, she should have come out and called him Toadstool donny, or tiny hands, little **** or something along those lines.

The Democratic nominee in 2020 needs to be someone with the personality and dont give a ■■■■■■■■ of bill maher but with higher political acumen.

while I thank you for praising me, you should know that you should be much more full throated in your praise. I have the best genes, the best words, and I’m bigly smart.

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I actually agree. Liberals are often way to nice. That has always been my criticism of my brethren. We are so PC sometimes that we don’t call a spade a spade… we call it “a white card with black symbols to celebrate their diversity”.

PC to me usually mean just be respectful and don’t be a D.


True story, like three years or so back I am embarked on an amateur investigation to figure out why Gen Z girls were all of a sudden super interested in guys in their thirties and forties. It’s crazy out here. Girls under the legal drinking age will come onto you.

And I heard a bunch of stuff but the important one that I heard almost every single time and totally missed is “guys my age just want to hang out with their friends.”

I guess it just didn’t compute because the idea of a guy between the age of puberty and about 26 who isn’t thinking about sex constantly didn’t even seem possible.

Then I realized: the phones. It’s the phones. They have instant access to every perversion mankind has ever thought up in their pocket 24/7. I don’t think the generation that shoplifted Playboys and watched Skinemax just to see some breasts has adequately considered just what it means to be a young dude with nonstop access to hardcore porn.