The left’s delusion on illegal immigration in the west

If anyone needs to know the sentiments of the west towards illegal immigration to the west, watch what is happening across the west since Merkel opened the gates to the third world.

  1. Brexit - leaving EU no 1 issue immigration.
  2. Trump - Won on immigration.
  3. Italy - Led by populists, far right party polling no 1 now.
  4. Austria - coalition center and far right populists.
  5. Hungary - right wing anti migration party.
  6. Poland - moved further to the right because immigration.
  7. Slovenia - Just elected right wing populist because of immigration.
  8. Germany - Merkel close to losing her coalition and power and the rise of the AFD.
  9. Czech Republic - Populist elected because of immigration.
  10. Sweden - Sweden Democrats- right wing party set to either win or at the very least be the second largest party in Sweden this September.
  11. France second biggest party far right.
  12. Netherlands second biggest party far right.
  13. Norway second biggest party right wing populist.

In Europe the center left (Social Democrats) are being cleansed from power each election. These are enormous ideological shifts in politics sweeping across Europe.

The politicians and media have been ignoring or just the usual labeling of people racists because they feel they hold the wrong views on immigration even though polling throughout Europe in every country has been consistent and shows the citizens want migration halted.

Only in the west is this madness practiced, Japan and China are not playing this game and quiet frankly don’t understand why the west is gambling over the stability of their countries to allow mass migration to take place.

I would consider my politics down the center maybe even tilted towards social liberalism, but today’s left has completely lost their way on immigration and there is now a real threat of the right completely taking power accross the west in the coming years.

And what has the response been? To put their fingers in their ears and cry racist at the recent rise of the right instead of trying to realize that not all people are on board with completely transforming their society and culture to resemble a third world country.

It baffles me how Obama himself quoted that around 47% of the population would lose their jobs because of automation, yet the answer to the left is to let in millions of unskilled, mostly uneducated people who will have to be taken care of by tax payers.

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That’s certainly what the racist Miller was hoping for when implementing this policy. Unfortunately for him though 2/3 of America is unhappy with the decision

Brilliant opening post! :+1:

For 1000 years Islam tried to enslave and conquer Europe. Who knew war was the wrong strategy. They just needed to walk in and ask for welfare…lol!

Bingo! Asylum please.

I don’t know if Miller is racist it’s hard to tell the word is thrown around so gleefully. There is a lot of misreporting on the news on what is going on about concentration camps, people were comparing it to the holocaust on Twitter, it’s frivolous to have a debate on what is going on when CNN is setting up on audio recordings of children crying.

I do, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure this one out. Everything about Miller’s entire history screams racist scumbag. Everything

The Dems believe they really have something going with this latest move. Trump hates children. Actually, the laws involved are a lot more complex.
Likely Congress could bring an end to this with minor modifications within a week, but that wouldn’t serve their hoped for “blue wave”.
We will see if a pro illegals policy will bring them the wave they hope for. At the least, the media has been able to block most of the affect of the anti Trump biases as revealed in the IG report.

We really got him this time.

For about the 20th time.

Trump and crew have made it pretty clear that he wants the $25B for the wall up front. I get the feeling that he is going to be unwilling to sign any bill that comes up way short of that number.

Get some new material. You people have been screaming “racist” for so long the term has absolutely no meaning anymore.

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you mean the debate is frivolous? Hardly.

The debate points are emotional. Kids are involved. No different than when abortion is being discussed. People get emotional.

Miller is racist because Richard Spencer is racist not because someone on a political board said so

Read up on who Mr Miller is. The word is over used but he is a bonafide racist

I love the wide and loud condemnation the libs are giving this border issue. It is certain to reach the ears of prospective illegals that are still south of the border.

MSNBC even did us a favor by interviewing some woman who claims to be the mother of a child she brought with her and asking (espanol) “if you knew this would happen, would you have come?” The woman answers in her native tongue that she would not. As libs try to build up hate for Trump, little clips like that are sure to be seen by prospective illegals and their friends that are already here. Hey… give the illegals all international cell phones so they can call home and tell 'em what is happening.

Trump has taken heat before. Recall the frothing at the mouth over -what was that issue? Oh yeah - collusion with the Russians to win the election. Or the outrage over his words to the chunky beauty pageant woman. Or the pearl clutching that begins every time he does everything. We are numb now, Libs. You conditioned us to ignore your fake outrage. Trot out some more children now for the cameras.


You were always numb to it. These postulated arguments are not for his base.

I believe that those 2016 Trump voters who are not part of his base are on to lib tricks and lies too. For one one thing, the vision of a post-election apocalypse that libs tried to instill in the populace is no longer a factor. The country did not implode or explode. People have learned that it was all hype. The contrived collusion charge has been denuded too. Stormy and lawyer were a flash in the pan. In fact, every possible horror story that Libs have tried to create about Trump has fallen flat. About all you can say is that his grammar is imperfect, he exaggerates, and he shoots from the hip.

But what do I (or you) know for sure? We will have to wait for 2020 to find out.

The Trump electors outdid eof bis base do not care about collussion investigation. They care about their jobs.

This whole thing creates stupid optics for the President. Is there a portion of people who agree with you that this is nothing but a ploy by the democrats to change the outcome of the mid terms duh? But that’s not who is being targeted here. Everyone has mud on their hands here and I mean everyone.

I don’t teally get angry at politics because it is what it is but what is happening here is atrocious. The President is using children to make a point, his opposition is using children to score votes and to feel morally superior Pox on both of our houses.

The debate isn’t worth having because in the end it always gets shutdown by someone either being labeled a racist or playing on people’s feelings by focusing the immigration debate on the cries of children. The debate by the open borders advocates are always about emotion, not what is best for the host country.

Like Obama said 47% of the jobs in the coming future will be automated, how is bringing in millions of uneducated people from the third world going to have a positive impact on the economy?

They are not based solely on emotion though emotion certainly plays a crucial part. They are also based on history

Your point regarding jobs goes to legal immigrants as well. Is this the argument you are really trying to make?

It’s a valid topic. Is it right to take an H1B worker over a qualified citizen who can do the same job simply because a company can get away with paying the H1B worker a lot less?