The Left doesn't want Justice, they want Their Way!

They SAY they want justice, but it’s all a ruse, a deception.

They USE & create a crisis or bad incident to get their agenda of socialism & CONTROL over every aspect of our lives. Don’t think they don’t want total control? They continually come up with little offences & rules to control freak everyone. Everyone.

Even the slightest perceived or imagined slight is punishable by losing one’s job, or business. It’s not freedom. They are completely irrational & out of their minds wanting for power.

If you think it’s bizarre, convoluted, & violent now…just vote them control over the entire government & see where they go with it.

They will make all our lives miserable, & it won’t end with the election after that. Control freaks don’t give up power easily. It’s being made manifest every evening on the news in front of us all.

We cannot give in to their intimidation thinking they will calm down & everything will return to relative normalcy if they get placed into power over us. They will lord it over us all. They don’t seek service, they seek power. They don’t seek citizen approval, they seek subjects to impose upon their will.

If you prefer freedom over servitude, you must oppose what they are doing regardless of what trouble they bring.

Please don’t allow them to not only ruin your life, but your children’s lives. They WILL If we do not stand.


Oh boy! Another conspiracy theory!

Thing is the country is so split now along culture and other issues I don’t see us ever being united again. I am not sure how they would go about the split whether it be two, three plus countries but it needs to be done now before time runs out and I believe it is running out. I would give everyone a one time chance to move to their region of choice and just be done with it before a war breaks out.

I think we’re past the point of rekindling it’s went too far and one side loathes the other not just dislikes their politics but loathes the people on how they vote, that’s not something that’s just going to go away regardless who is president. We are at libertarian vs authoritarian - globalism vs nationalism. It doesn’t work the experiment has failed, sucks but when you invite in the world you also invite in the world’s problems. California turned blue on migration from the south while the GOP just sat on their asses and participated in it to let it happen. Ordinarily I wouldn’t care but the latino population overwhelmingly votes democrat so while the left is celebrating diversity while telling you that you are racist if you don’t they just collected 55 permanent electoral votes, and you could bet your last dollar they would do the same as the chart below to the rest of the country if they could.


All the pieces are in place for it to happen. I have read many studies that show we are split around 1861 levels. Then add the massive unemployment from the coronavirus, protesting, media bias at the point I have never seen and the start of violence. We wouldn’t be the first country to split, and I would rather see it done peacefully like Czechoslovakia rather than the alternative Yugoslavia. We would still of course have a common language and trade, and hopefully visa free travel :slight_smile:

Wait. didn’t you already do this OP?

Well I could the same thing about the right couldn’t I? The right no longer supports the constitution, they want things their way…Trumps way.

I’m glad someone on the right is telling me that I don’t want justice.
It helps me focus better.

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All you have to do is remember lib, after lib, after lib, after lib, after lib, after lib, after lib…go under the national spotlight and say the EXACT SAME WORDS…“no one is above the law”. Then come the riots in lib controlled cities and the law is thrown to the wind…just like the integrity of their words.


Yeah, right. You can talk about another civil war all you want, but do you really think those doing the talking are ready to risk literally everything they have?

Why not? Every single one of my uncles served in war time, risking everything they had to fight for what they believed in.

Foreign adversaries on foreign soil, and fighting actual enemies of the American way, I’m assuming. As for the other thing we’re discussing, take a look around yourself right now. I’m sure you’re living in an air conditioned dwelling, chillin’ and typing away on your iPad, a car or three in the driveway, a grocery store down the road you can drive to to pick up some beer and a couple steaks to throw on the grill this evening. You willing to risk all that because Donald Trump is getting picked on?

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I hadn’t realized the reason for it starting was limited to Donald Trump being picked on.


None of the other “reasons” are any better.

I’d say it is very dependent on what the reason is. So not much use discussing it in general terms.

So left bad, got it. But then who is good?

You know it’s bad when a big ol lefty , Bill Maher , says something I agree with! There was a news story on FOX this morning where Bill Maher compared white people to a “ nervous waiter on their first day” since they’re so scared to make a mistake.”
Why? Because of all the contradictions in the message.
White mayors seeing racism where a black man doesn’t speak up unless it’s your time to listen.
Silence is violence.
And NBA announcer getting fired for tweeting “ all live matter” even though he apologized and admitted he didn’t understand why the term was considered wrong.
Bill Maher seems to think these tactics make race relations worse not better. It is dividing PEOPLE even more.
And IMO not just politically.

Maher blasts Oakland mayor, other ‘Guardians of Gotcha’: ‘Now we’re only seeing color’

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doesn’t need to be a conspiracy. Termites don’t conspire to destroy one’s home. They are just programmed to do their little destructive tasks. Likewise progs…


Weekly. But it won’t stop us. MUHAHAHAHHAH

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Maher might as well baste himself in oil and add salt. The left will soon be eating him.

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Copied all that for this:

good has nothing to do with it, who is on first