The lawyer did not mean what he said in his tweet

I believe him, he tweeted about CNN and a series of events, called it a coup. but he didn’t mean it.

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People really need to learn what a “Coup” is.

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What is it?

Is there a link to this story?

What are you talking about? No link.

It’s where you keep the hens and rousters.

You know exactly what he’s talking about. However did we discuss without linky?

tell us what a coup is from the lawyers point of view.

did he mean coup d’état. or just a good idea

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Much appreciated.

Was he the whistleblower’s lawyer back in 2017?

I’ve been saying it for awhile now. This “impeachment” nonsense is nothing more than a coup. It meets every definition of a coup. The process that the Democrats chose to go in order to pursue “impeachment” is illegal on it’s face. No need to even discuss that point further. Impeaching Trump will also, no doubt, lead to violence if we are faced with the prospect of President Pence.

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the tweets were before he was a whistleblower so they dont count…


Do we know what the whistleblowers mom thinks?

I was wondering what the whistleblower’s Uber driver believes…

Ok that’s funny no matter who you are.

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Were they from when his client was a leaker?

Did Schiff’s mob forget to blackout Eric’s name in some of the documents he released?

Everything is a conspiracy now. :rofl::rofl:

All will be revealed, in the fullness of time, just as the Gypsy woman foretold!