THE LATEST: Trump Ends Hanoi Summit, ‘Walks’ After Kim Demands US End All Sanctions | Sean Hannity

President Trump abruptly ended his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un Thursday; saying he had to “walk” away from negotiations after Kim demanded the US remove all sanctions against his government before they begin the process of denuclearization.

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Yet Acosta is very happy over this. Trump needs to ask Acosta and all Dims, in front of the world, "You don’t want denuclearization? Why not? How does not having deal benefit anyone? How?

Previous Presidents, like Carter and Clinton, have agreed to deals like this and North Korea has always reneged. When we give up the pot, they have nothing to lose . It’s just like when the Democrats make promises inorder to get bills signed and then they never follow through, instead they say ’ up yours’.

The Dems can’t really criticise POTUS Trump for walking. He response would be " So you think removing the sanctions-which obviously are having an effect on NK- and leaving NK with, basically, the majority of their nuclear weaponry intact , is preferable to keeping the sanctions in effect ? Just what is gained by that move ? Slick Willie let them have everything and paid them money to keep it. I won’t be suckered into that concession. MAGA !!" The Dems, by uttering any significant criticism , will be making themselves look hypocritical and stupid once again.

Isn’t it interesting how the North Koreans are scrambling to say, ’ no,no, it was a misunderstanding. We didn’t say ALL sanctions…’.

KLRS…yes, very interesting…its sort of the way a teenager negotiates, no insult intended, I’ve just raised a few and I recognize the behavior…demand the ridiculous, get shut down…pout or throw a tantrum, although Kim seems to have foregone that stage, kudos to Chairman Kim on that count, then start whittling from the top demand down in the hope that the initial ridiculous demand makes a lesser one seem reasonable by comparison…that is dealt with by knowing what you are dealing with and countering with less every time they want more and shutting it down with taking away their x-box or w/grounding. that shows them fairly quickly what a reasonable, real world negotiation looks like

They do it all the time so it doesn’t seem to bother them I guess that’s how those suffering TDS behave.:woman_shrugging: They were criticizing President Trump for mocking “rocket man” and then for talking with him and now they will criticize because he walked away. :roll_eyes:

I am very glad that the President walked away- he wants what is right for America- I assume Kim thought he was going to to Trump, what his predecessors did to other Presidents- Trump is no chump- I hope Kim is paying attention- Dems may have thought the POTUS was going to take a deal, so they could trash him as usual, but he flipped the script, and made them look stupid- priceless!- I love it!

President Trump knows what he’s doing. By President Trump Walking away It’s showing Kim Jung Un He’s really serious about this. Maybe next time they meet they can make progress. President Trump needs to continue He means business being Stern & not back down. At least He’s taking a stand & not being a wimp like some other former Presidents. Keep up the good work President Trump.