The latest right wing conspiracy theory

Granted, I understand that’s not the best answer, but in a debate to be able to turn that around to the laughter of the crowd would not be easy. I would imagine most on that stage would have been like me and just froze up.

Another one-liner that killed was “Because you’d be in jail”

Politicians are ass kissers by nature and inclination and unprepared to deal with a shameless bully.

If Ted Cruz had walked across the stage and punched Trump out for the comments about his wife and dad, he’d be president right now.

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That’s typical for the OPer.

I’m pretty sure that if Donald the Dunce cowardly skipped out, the debate would still happen, and Joe would have the stage to himself. That would be awesome.

And somehow it would STILL be blamed on Biden.

“Trump backed out ONLY because the Biden team wouldnt agree to no more then 2 bathroom breaks! Trump OBVIOUSLY had no choice and Biden wouldnt agree only because he was scared to debate!”

Biden will get sick and Hillary will take over.

Actually you’re probably correct and frighteningly maybe that’s the future of debates.