The latest right wing conspiracy theory

Couldn’t tell you the number of people here who say “Watch Tucker Carlson! Watch Sean Hannity! Watch Laura Ingram!”

Or the number of tweets Idiot Trump brags about Fox and Friends.

Or don’t they count?

Ok. Here’s a starting point:

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I don’t. Don’t know who these women are.

I see the “I can’t breathe” sign, so I guess these “goofballs” are making fun of George Floyd? Or discussing how police murdered him after he begged for 9 minutes to let him breathe?

Based on the ratings. They seem to be succeeding. :grin:

Let’s see… Yes… Okay… Well, that settles it! Biden has a pulse! He wins!

But another poster said Fox News is not in for Trump.

No. I never claimed they lied about George Floyd. The lied when they claimed Michael Brown was murdered. And don’t forget, they also tried to destroy a child on a field trip.

This post wins the internet today! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

There are probably ten anti Trumpers at Fox. How many pro Trumpers does CNN have?

Don’t care. I don’t watch CNN.

The OP is a Trump guy.

Biden is cool…

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Never know before 2016 I thought Trump would get absolutely obliterated in the debates by the Republicans in the primaries it didn’t happen. I didn’t know what would happen with Hillary in the debates but regardless of his narcissism, one area he seems to excel at is the debates.

I remember that opening question that Megan kelly through to him on the debate night that literally would have ousted most candidates he was able to turn around with a joke.

“You’ve called women you don’t like fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals.”

I don’t think I’ve ever heard anyone get a question like that in a debate and he actually handled it better than probably anybody could have. I don’t know if Biden is the same Biden mentally as he was in the presidential debates he lost in 2008 we will have to see maybe he will surprise me and come out and do very good but he’s facing someone who has mastered the art of trolling.

Who would’ve thought someone like Ted Cruz who was a very good debater top of his class on the debate team would lose to a reality TV star.

You do care though. Every time you comment on FOX, you prove you care about networks you don’t watch.

They may continue to give Biden baby questions. That would help him. Trump must be ready to go rogue if the Mods protect Biden.

I’m pretty sure Chris Wallace will throw hard questions at both of them, he doesn’t seem to be incredibly loved by either Trump or Biden. Not sure about the other moderators.

“Only Rosie O’Donnell”

Yeah I think Trump is an underrated debater.

It continues…

Biden has commeted to Every Debate scheduled.

Trump has not.

You seem weirdly happy about the fact that Trunp campaign created this perception.

He’s a never Trumper. We’ll see.

Ted Cruz falsely assumed that the base of the GOP cared about things like policy proposals and competency in governing. Turns out all they cared about was airing personal grievances and whining in their victimization complexes.

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