The latest right wing conspiracy theory

That Biden will suddenly come down with Covid and be forced to miss the debates. After which, he will have a miraculous recovery and be hailed as a strong and heroic for beating Covid. Either this or some other equally lame reason for Joe to skip out. Or he may simply insist doing the debates remotely from his basement. Cuz of the danger. All the danger.

I personally believe that he will show. The expectations for him are so low, that anything short of a total debacle will be seen as a Biden victory.

Exactly. The right has been pretty much describing him and as a senile codger who doesn’t know where or who he is for a while now. If he shows up, that’s already beating expectations

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Of course he’s gonna debate. Biden is not the one making excuses to not debate. Trump and his campaign are scared to death.

And that’s the fault of the Trump campaign.

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I’m watching the first debate just to see Trump creep up behind Biden like he did to Hilldawg

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Biden should walk up behind Trump and pretend to sniff. It would likely freak him out.


It’s completely baffling. All Biden has to do is show up, and he’s already defeated the Trump campaign’s biggest talking points.

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I was about to photoshop that for fun.

biden will prob do “ok” which will turn into “biden lashes trump” in the idiot’s media

Funny. Remember Trump sniffing through one debate w/ Hillary ?

When you’re a grifter who has spent your whole life protected by Daddy’s money, rotten German banks and guys from the other side of the Bayonne, maybe you end up stupid at strategy?

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Biden will be there. Trump? Hard to say, he hasn’t agreed to any, had a history of punking out on a debate, and is doing a lot of hand waving to set the stage for why he won’t show.

Maybe Trump will take a pass to run another veterans charity scam? That would be so on brand.


He should challenge Trump to a push up contest. If Biden is such a feeble senile old man, Trump should have it in the bag. :grinning:

And Fox “News” and AON will declare “Trump undeniable winner! Biden’s so senile he didn’t say one word, just drooled.”

Gosh, no links… Sounds like another left wing conspiracy theory like Russian collusion…

Trump could use the debates to ask for more money for his businesses, he means campaign.

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I don’t think so. Link?

thats cute how you still think all of fox news is in for trump

in time…

You must admit. Fox “news” is 1000 times more accurate than CNN “news.”

Remember these goofballs?


Not my best work, but it’ll do.

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