THE LATEST: Mueller Not Recommending ‘Further Indictments’ After Final Report | Sean Hannity

Special counsel Robert Mueller officially handed over his report on Russian election meddling to Attorney General William Bar Friday; with senior DOJ officials saying the document is “not recommending any further indictments.”

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American need to wake up and smell the truth no more indictments coming forth for Trump or his children or staffs. All that time and the many lies told by the left-lib DEM media. Will, they ever say to the American people being they won’t because they have no integrity. Am glad this is over and once again the President was right no collusion CNN, ALL THE MAJOR TV NEWS NETWORK AND NEWSPAPERS ARE FAKE NEWS,

It is just the beginning my friend. These Liberals won’t be happy until they have burned down this President who is threatening their power base. He has made them and all the sycophant followers they have look like the fools they are. And by the way, those fake news outlets know they are fake. That is not the point for them. They are a major propaganda machine for the ■■■■■■■■ and Trump beat them at their own game and it is driving them nuts.

…and we will never be the ‘destroy Trump media’ etc etc.
But let not your heart be troubled…
I will be back tomorrow to ask ’ do you agree with ME that this is the biggest scandal of our lifetime’ and OH! if I did did this even you (Alan Dershowitz, Greg Jarrett… take your pick) would not be able to get me out of jail… and OH!
do you think you could put a file in a cake to get me out???