THE LATEST: McConnell Says ‘No Allegations Corroborated’ in Latest FBI Report

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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell fiercely defended Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination Thursday morning; telling congressional colleagues that “none of the allegations” have been corroborated by the latest FBI probe.

McConnell addressed his fellow lawmakers from the Senate Floor; blasting “obstructionist” Democrats for their attempts to derail Kavanaugh’s confirmation process using “blatant smear tactics.”

“The fact is that these allegations have not been corroborated. None of the allegations have been corroborated by the seven FBI investigations. Not in the new FBI investigation, not anywhere. None of these last-minute allegations have been corroborated. This is confirmed by the seventh and latest FBI investigation,” said McConnell.

The fix was in from the very beginning of this circus. McConnell has the balls to stand up in the Senate and complain about the judicial process. I guess he’s got a case of dementia because he totally forgot the obstruction HE participated in giving Garland a hearing.

Damn them all to hell.