THE LATEST: Kavanaugh Slams ‘Political Circus,’ Gets Emotional During Opening Statement | Sean Hannity

Judge Brett Kavanaugh slammed the political “circus” and “national disgrace” surrounding his Supreme Court nomination process Thursday; getting visibly emotional while describing the impact on his family and friends.

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He bawled his eyes out when he wasn’t shouting in anger.

He got downright bipolar.

Considering how much water he was chugging down he probably had a little too much beer last night, or for lunch.

It is interesting that everyone at the party in question have submitted statements through their attorneys denying the events as described by Ford. One of them at the party was her best friend and she stated through her attorney that she didn’t even know or ever met Bret Kavanaugh. It is clear she had a traumatic experience and it is also clear that Mr. Kavanaugh was not the perpetrator.