THE LATEST: Dr. Ford Rejects ‘Mistaken Identity’ Defense, Can’t Say Who Paid for Polygraph | Sean Hannity

Dr. Christine Ford appeared publicly for the first time Thursday morning; answering questions from Democratic Senators and an appointed attorney over allegations of sexual abuse by Judge Brett Kavanaugh in the early 1980s.

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Mrs. Ford is 100% it was Judge Kavanaugh almost 40 years ago but doesn’t know who paid for the polygraph back in August 2018. And, even then, she was only asked 2 questions.


Mrs. Ford who was so scared to fly to DC wasn’t so scared to fly everywhere else in the country and world… She is Full of Bull! Confirm Kavanaugh ASAP!

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so 40 years ago Dr. ford is in a house drinking and apparently drunk … how old was she.? nice try democraps … you’ve managed to destroy Judge Kavanaugh and his family. . Dr. ford knew going in what to expect … shame on her , Karma will handle her


It turns out that she didn’t want the Senate committee reps. to come to her because they would have found out she and her lawyers were lying about her location. She wasn’t in California, she was on the east coast within easy travel distance of Washington. To bad this wasn’t brought up in th hearing. The news people on TV sure knew about it.

For a PhD, she sure came across as an air head. Someone who could easily be manipulated. Did you see the GoFundMe account was over 1/2Million yesterday. No, she didn’t do it for money.

I am in my nineties, a retired police officer served many years in the PD Det Division, retired as chief of Det… There is a reason lie detector use came into question. The processes measures body reactions, anger can be interpenetrated as guilt.etc The intake of certain over the counter drugs has influence… The use of Lie detection went out use as a positive tool many years ago

Some response relating to this show described it as a Gallicistic circus, I was a Dem for many years and these Dems are not the p[people I grew up with…

Capt Fred V Miller Sr

I have never encountered any person who was assaulted and couldn’t remember even the smallest detail. It is interesting how she didn’t remember Judge Kavenaugh 's name until his mother had to rule on Dr. Ford’s parents bankruptcy.