THE LATEST: Defense Secretary Jim Mattis to Step Down at Pentagon this February | Sean Hannity

Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis unveiled his impending resignation Thursday night; announcing his plan to step down at the Pentagon in February.

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I am not an expert on foreign policy, however it seems to me that people forget that Mattis is a MILITARY man. They train to fight. The want to fight. They want war. I also recall that people have been saying to get the U.S. out of the Middle East forever. I wonder why the countries in the Middle East don’t help themselves and step up. Why is it up to the U.S., Russia, China?
Mattis forgets he did not put the Department on a more sound budgetary footing - Trump did. Sorry Mattis but you’re not President.

Abby you are so right, he wants war like the deep state, who side is this guy on. Trump is right by bringing our troop home, policing around the world who Idea was that. Sounds like somebody has been trying to control the whole world, he just showed his true colors. PEACE is not what the deep state is looking for, TRUMP 2020

I think part of the reason for the uproar was because it was announced by Trump on Twitter with no warning or discussion with his colleagues or allies. There are certainly good arguments for withdrawing from the middle east but it should have been done more diplomatically, something Trump loathes. I ask Trump supporters, “What is wrong with civility, manners and protocol?” The problem is that Trump thrives on chaos and drama and craves winning, at any cost. This behaviour is making him unpopular around the world and is pretty dangerous. Too dangerous to lead the country.