The Irish illegal adoption scandal is starting to blow up

Looking like it may even be up to 15,000+ children were illegally adopted. Usually taken from single mothers, with or without their consent, and sometimes adopted abroad.

It’s likely there’s a few thousand cases that ended up in the US.

Not sure how many more hits the Catholic church can take over there.

The way I’m reading this a catholic adoption agency “may have been” responsible for 152 improper registrations out of over 1,500 over the course of fifty years or so and that the youngest person affected is now 49?

How is this going to have any significant impact on the Catholic Church today?

Judi Dench starred in a phenomenal film called Philimena about that issue several years back. I recommended it to everyone. It’s not too preachy either. Just focuses on one woman’s story.

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It certainly can’t help the Church’s already falling image.

It happened 50 years ago.

People aren’t very smart.

You do have a point there. Most never read past the headline and opening sentence of the first paragraph if that far.

To add. It isn’t so much that most aren’t smart, they are just too lazy to bother to be informed.

And neither side has the market cornered on that.

“People” is pretty inclusive.

People in general don’t give a damn about much that doesn’t directly impact their lives, particularly their wallets and “depth” for them is about one toe deep.

Another failed example of Christians believing they can “judge” The Lord’s Will here on earth, as it is in heaven.

Ah comon man! No telling how many government DEFACs offices across this great land have turned " working in the best interest of the children " into a racket by taking children out of their homes and putting them into adopted families.

Truer words have never been spoken. That should go on one of those famous quote websites.

Er, so not to throw a conspiracy theory into the thread but Justice Roberts’ children were born in Ireland. I recall some theories that he voted on ACA the way he did because there may have been something illegal with the adoption.

This scandal has come up routinely over the past ten years or so. Old news and nothing new since it was first reported.