The "Invasion and Midterms"

Hi Sean
We would love to have you work this weekend to help cover the midterms and the Invasion.
Your wife will understand and we thank her for her strength to let you do your job the best way you can.
Thanks and we look forward to zFox Nation!
Chris Chapman.

When did personality worship become a thing with conservatives?

Glad I wasn’t the only one who was thinking that.

Thanks for earworm:

I want to know when it became the “Invasion.”

Makes me think it’s the


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When did hyper judgementalism become a thing with liberals?

For me? It’s been years. I have always preferred the term invader to undocumented immigrant.

So when did your forebears invade America?

Pretty sure there were Middle Easterners in that group of Pilgrims.

No proof, but there could have been.

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I also heard Soros was giving all the invaders iPhones and a free subscription to Netflix to help pass the time.

To do it correctly, there must be much more drama. This is THE MOST IMPORTANT ELECTION OF OUR LIFETIME!!!

I had a post in this thread…