The Influencers

Where do you stand on trump or any public official for that matter offering favor and influence (i.e. Its not what you know its who you know) in the realm of politics and public policy. Lets say just hypothetically for the sake of explanation that trump owned stock in Bounty Paper Products and it was noticed that he was throwing rolls of Bounty out to Hurricane ravaged Puerto Ricans. Making sure that the Bounty name was placed properly for the cameras and product placement was achieved. Should he have made sure he only threw a generic brand? Now Im not dissing him for throwing out napkins but it could be relatable to many operations of government and many public officials. Where do you stand on private influence working its way onto the public stage? Happens all the time? Im ok with it? No this is a No no? Is this “Pay to Play” Scenario?

Democrat Politicians in Washington D.C. would never “Pay to Play”.

Nor do they have any “private” influence working its way “ontto” the public stage.

Nice Non Answer and terrific catch on the spelling bee.


I think that would be a pay to play scenario and should be against the law.

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That’s OK, I’ll diss him for it.

It was colossally stupid optics, especially given his subsequent words/actions.

Are you talking about his raising rates at his clubs and hotels, especially in DC, where those wishing to have their cases heard by the administration might well pay over market value for accommodations at his properties?

That kind of “pay to play”?

Honestly lets all believe that this happens in all kinds of business. Influence is a huge part of power play. So I guess my dismay is from those who dont want to see trumps taxes…dont want him to be exposed for who he plays with. I for one am interested. Why are they not?

Becauuuuuse… they know damn well what is likely to turn up?

I just love the thread title. Sounds like a Matt Helm movie.

Influence peddling is part and parcel of politics.

I want to see Congress’ taxes. And judges.

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Pay to play?

Crony capitalism is a NO NO and its not the same as free market capitalism.

And political pay to play schemes are an even bigger NO NO!

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Something democrats seem to be forgetting, Chuck Grassley has the same authority to pull democratic congress members tax returns. Know who else who refuses to release her tax returns, Nancy Pelosi. Neither has Democratic Ways and Means Committee chairman Richard Neal (D) Mass. The same guy who is authorized to pull Trumps tax returns.

So it’s really not about just any public offical, it’s just about Trump.

This is the list of congress people who have released their returns

We sent requests in April to every member of Congress asking for them to release their own tax returns, with the understanding they would be published. We followed up — three times — and 37 out of 530 members in office at the time responded. Six said yes and another six had already realeased their returns somewhere else.

Donald Trump lived a very public “private life”, he has been in the news for decades, he didn’t just drop from the sky in June of 2015 to run for President, there is plenty of info out there for the taking.

As a matter of fact there was a recent 3 part documentary/expose on him from The History Channel that you might like. You can find it on You Tube!

Funny how he wasn’t a racist until he became a republican isn’t it?

I think if your gonna be s public official thrn release your taxes period

I have no idea why you would suggest I waste my time like that. I watched a lot of Apprentice.

Im sorry that whole post makes zero sense