The "I apologize for believing/spreading the Seth Rich Was Murdered By Democrats" conspiracy thread


Then why did the DNC have cloud strike look at the server?


You and the rest of the bleating Trumpists have no clue how cloud-based infrastructure works, so telling you that the “hard drive” of one of the virtual servers may have been spread across dozens of physical drives will just make your head explode.

The image is all that is required.

Now, go learn something new today, old man.


They were using a cloud compute infrastructure, which may have been aws, rackapace, azure, or another. But my experience is with aws, and so I used aws terminology.




Cloud Strike offers many services, post-intrusion analysis being one of them.

By analyzing the “server” they were given a remote desktop login to the virtual server. They did not analyze a physical object.


You mean they didn’t take it to the lab and dust it for fingerprints?



I didn’t know that, where did you find it out?


@MoleUK shared this earlier…

The “server” Trump is obsessed with is actually 140 servers, most of them cloud-based


I realize it’s important to trash the thorough investigator. It’s not going to help though.


Where ever the data was, the DNC didn’t let the FBI inspect it. Nice cognitive dissidence push by the left though…


The FBI inspected the same exact data as CrowdStrike. The very first thing CS would have done is create an image of the servers. The FBI received those images. The FBI said that was an appropriate substitute for remote access.


What data would the FBI need to inspect? Be specific… Wow us with your detailed understanding of cyber forensics…


You’d have to link me, and was Strzok the Trump hating dem hack leading the investigation at that time


as I’m reading this thread I’m thinking to myself that we found yet another topic that people don’t know anything about.


Everything you need is right here.


What is the conspiracy anyway? That the FBI and the US intel agencies is framing Russia? For what?


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So when I started this thread, I knew that nobody who was invested in the “Seth Rich was murdered by Democrats” conspiracy theory would say “Ya know, with these indictments there isn’t any motive and disproves that Rich was the ‘hacker’ so I guess I fell for a bunch of silly whoppers”.

Because that isn’t how conspiracy theorists think or operate. I knew this would pull them in even deeper and wanted to provide a little demo of how that works.

Please proceed, conspiracy nitwits.


The multiple conspiracies are designed to get everyone to talk about everything except for what Donald Trump has done and is doing. And it works most of the time.


It’s all debate. When my debate technique completely destroys your debate points and has you spinning in circles, you call it trolling.