The "I apologize for believing/spreading the Seth Rich Was Murdered By Democrats" conspiracy thread

Of course, the “Seth Rich was murdered by Democrats” was always an eye wateringly stupid premise, which is why our President and many right wing pundits still push it, but the evidence revealed in the latest round of Mueller investigation indictments show that to be…well, even more stupid to believe in now.

If you got tricked into believing that Seth Rich was murdered by Democrats for his role in releasing the info from the DNC and the DNCC and the 20 state electoral boards, this is your chance to say “I was wrong for believing that, now that these facts have to light it seems really stupid to ever have believed such a thing. I’ll do better in the future, starting with a better media diet”.


Okay, we’re going to mark Noot as a hard pass on this one.

Julian Assange pushed this conspiracy theory hard, knowing the entire time who hacked the DNC. I’ll be glad when he gets whats coming his way.

Trump never apologizes for anything so why would you expect Trumpanzees to do it?

When anyone pushes something, I get curious as to why? Now the Seth Rich murder is being pushed again, why?

Who is pushing the “Seth Rich Was Murdered By Democrats” gibberish? This thread is for people to make amends for ever believing in it.

Why was donna brazille so scared??

And I have nothing to apologize for. I never pushed that theory.

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A lot of the time, these conspiracy theories get to fade into the background noise. Like the “Obama wiretapped me!” and “Unmasking!”. The problem is that people who pushed the theory don’t get slapped with the consequences of embarrassment unless it’s brought up after the fact.

Seth Rich needs at least a monthly mention because otherwise some folks will forget they burned their hands on the stove and start reaching again.

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Yeah… you are pushing that. Strange.

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Hey…I missed that part. Is that important in all of this?

peter solved the case from behind his keyboard. He’s like our very own Hannity board Clouseau.

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So now that we know Obama personally killed Seth Rich. When is he going to be prosecuted and sent to jail? Probably never, because of the Deep State protecting him. I’m not surprised.

Or hey, lets keep the retarded conspiracy going!

If you’re of a conspiracy minded bent, Seth Rich was murdered in retribution for HIM being the source of the DNC info that was passed to Wikileaks.

Well, now we know it was Russians that did that, not Seth Rich. So now there’s no motive for Democrats to have murdered Seth Rich in retribution, and it is what it is, an unsolved murder as the result of a botched robbery.

But it’s damn funny when given the opportunity to pretend to have a shard of dignity or character, the same retards fling poo like not knowing who killed Seth Rich means its still a possibility he was murdered by Democrats, even when the entire motive has been removed. You people are just broken.


Why should I buy into your reality when mine is so warm and cozy? Just because you have your facts and I have my alternative facts doesn’t mean you’re better than me. It makes sense that Democrats murdered Seth Rich and no amount of reality is going make me change my opinion. All opinions are equal.


Oh come on. Your drip was supposed to be a flood by now. You stayed out of the Awan thread and now you ask this. Come on spidey

She totes wasn’t pushing a book or her 15 mins of fame. Not even a little bit. But hey how is your flushing going.

Thanks. You got the Spider-Man theme by They Might Be Giants stuck in my head now.

When things don’t add up, I don’t pretend that they do but you can swallow what ever you choose. It’s like when I clean a fish, I assume it has bones in it and don’t just swallow that tasty morsel even though that’s the common way.

My Spider Sense is tingling!

It sure is, in such films as:
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Spidey, The Fun Licker
Spidey, A Drink For All Ages

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You are a conspiracy theorist. That’s fine. The issue is that you are also a true believer. That’s not fine