The hypocrisy of the left knows no bounds

Scary isn’t it? Libs and Chinese communist goverment is one and the same.

IMO it’s their goal…same dictatorial mentality.

So I take it sanctuary cities just for illegals?

It has already happened. You’re just here to watch it happen. We need more conservatives. I don’t know where they all ran off to. This site would benefit from greater balance. I am carrying too much weight. Trump is crushing it these days, but nobody is around to point it out. Except for me. But even I sleep.

The “lib” sanctuary city is one in which local government limits cooperation in regard to federal immigration laws.

So does this “gun” sanctuary city limit local law enforcement cooperation with federal gun laws? Sounds exciting.

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I cant complain, as a “lib” I get sooo much more then I ever would as a deplorable Trumper…

I get to be a coastal elite, live in a big house with an insane amount of equity and I have access to the best Mexican food short of going to Mexico.



Got one, loookin good!


I live in Seattle so I can’t judge the rest of the liberals by the ones here which are pretty far to the left , although I doubt (or at least hope) that wouldn’t fly here. But I could see it passing just fine in Portland lol.

A lot of the liberals here are pretenders if that makes since. There really hardcore capitalists (globalists) with a hipster masks on for acceptance. Portland though is the real deal in terms of far left progressives.

That’s because in Seattle lot of people are tied to software industry which has global reach…but they never voted down leftest agenda.

Specially that stupid transits system they voted in. It reaches almost as far out as where I am. They knew they had the votes from Seattle to override the locals near my neck of the woods.

And they never failed to vote against the 2nd Amendment. Any resemblance of being the gate way to Alaska disappeared except for Lake Union and couple of ports.

And don’t get me started on Boeing. Boeing only makes up a small percentage of the wealth nowadays.

Did it ever occur to you that Democrats and liberals might come to forums like these to broaden their perspectives?

Of course not. That is so foreign to people like you. You want your own lil echo chamber free of disagreement with your revenge tactics. Kinda like Trump.

As to your OP: didn’t you start another thread recently about how only “libs” selectively follow laws?

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Take a good look around.

When was the last time we had a good debate between libs and cons. Go ahead and take a solid look.

Libs aren’t here to debate.

As for me. I’ve been banned from couple. One forum one of the mods must know me from here and won’t allow me to use the word lib…but it’s OK to call cons racist, fascist and Nazis…but don’t you dare call libs libs.

As for my other threads…do you own this forum? Is there limited to what I can post or threads I can start?

Thank you for your service, Conan.

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I soundly refute that notion, and proffer that we Liberals are too here to debate, as well as to have fun in other ways, of course, so don’t go mashing your tater with spurious blanket accusations against us Liberals.

Oh the irony, the irony!


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This is is a good discussion.

I’m tired of being the lone conservative on this forum.

That almost sounds scary. Is that a threat?

I don’t know how you are able to quote multiple people and still keep the forumer labels correct.

When I try to quote your entire post, it reads as all coming from you.

I think a common misconception among some Trump supporters is that all of the Never Trumpers are liberals.

They couldn’t be more wrong.

Disagreement with Trump knows no political or ideological boundaries.


Now lets get back to left-wing hypocrisy of Seattle accusing the town of Republic of breaking laws regarding their sanctuary city for exercising their Constitutional rights verses Seattle breaking the laws of giving illegals sanctuary.

Can we do that? Or are you going to continue making it about me?

who knew making the Federal government follow the law and get judicial order to detain people would cause such a big stick with Republicans.