The hypocrisy of the left knows no bounds

In Republic of Washington is just a classic small town you find anywhere out in the west, the police chief declared his town a sanctuary city for gun rights.

Last election the idiots of this state pushing their gun control onto our society by voting in gun restrictions that IMO is unconstitutional.

But the irony is leftest idiot of Seattle tried to preach to us about rules of law while declaring Seattle itself a sanctuary city for illegal aliens.

The balls of the radicalized left to preach to us about laws.

Too bad…

I am so happy you’re still here. :kissing_heart:

I posted this weeks ago.

Shh, he’s workin’ it. Might be some libs out there who didn’t get the chance to feel his scorn. :wink:

That’s right…only libs are allowed sanctuary cities.

Meanwhile the people of New York state wants to adopt China policy of social credit score for New Yorker’s wanting to exercise their Constitutional rights.

Told you all that libs and Chinese communist were one and the same.


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You are right. We lefty hypocrites know no bounds. But I sure can tell you all about them Leaps. So much so it’ll flat out git your tater!

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What happen to letting the people decide what’s best for there city? Isn’t that what libs told us about sanctuary cities?

Sanctuary cities for illegals but not for law abiding citizens…isn’t that right libs?

That’s right libs…I know you want this forum to be left-wing echo chamber but it’s not going to happen under my watch.

Every city in America is a sanctuary city for law abiding American Citizens.


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Echo chamber? Why would we want that? Everyone is free to come and go as they like ,Post how they want as long as they follow the terms of service ( don’t make it personal, do not embarrass out host, do not filter bypass, source arguments and not cut and paste, don’t try to steer traffic somehere else, don’t spam, etc)
Liberals are not the lemmings who stayed inntheirbsafe space with other birds of feather no we came to the hannity forum and didn’t run away when things got hard How does that jive with the belief of wanting an echo chamber?


That’s ridiculous.

Peel it tater!

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That’s pretty terrifying if true, I was reading about the system in China were social misconduct can lower your social credit score and will be implemented by 2020. Communist China is fully embracing totalitarianism. It’s sad the west has sold their souls to them.

Everyone should read this who hasn’t heard of what Conan is referring to about China.

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Buy a mirror.