The Houston Astros Alledgedlly Stole Signs Back in 2017

The Houston Astros are accused of stealing signs back in 2017.



Nothing alleged about it. It isn’t about stealing signs…Stealing signs by the runner on second and relaying them to the batter is as old as baseball itself.

The issue here is that they were using high powered high resolution camera’s to pick up the signs and then use that technology to relay the pitch to the batter via sounds, whistles, and buzzers.

That is cheating, and it should be punished and it should be defeated. There is gamesmanship on the field, which is one thing. But then when you take it off the playing field and into a coaching box, the dugout, and use technology to cheat pitching. It is wrong and sends a hugely wrong image of the best professional game of all times.

If I am on second base and in all my dancing around, leading off, and getting ready to run on contact, I see the catcher’s sign and I can relay that to the hitter, good for me. But if I am sitting in the upper deck bleacher area and I have a Hi powered Hi Res camera and I can immediately relay that to the hitter or the dugout who then relays it to the hitter, then that is indeed cheating.

I see the commissioner warning pitchers not to throw at astros batters heads today.


The reason why hockey doesn’t ban fighting is that it’s a form of self-policing. Fast game, refs can miss things and so the risk of getting beat up by an enforcer puts everyone in check. Fighting also works a pressure release valve, better to have two guys punching each other with fists in established protocol than using the sword and two knives they’re all equipped with.

The powers that be in the MLB apparently think they’re ruling over a toddler teeball league, and that the opposing players with lives affected by the astros cheating will forgive and forget. Wrong. There’s so much pressure built up in this system and MLB is welding the relief valve shut

MLB is seemingly spending more effort warning the aggrieved to not seek justice than punishing the individual players responsible or involved in the cheating. And it won’t work. This thing is going to blow.

I’d wing the first pitch of the season into their dugout. Astros should expect that, and say thanks it wasn’t a bat.

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