The house select committee on Jan 6

It was a riot

The cities didn’t burn down.

When my sister came to visit NYC from down in Jacksonville she was really surprised that it was still standing. She was repeatedly told by local news that the whole city is on fire. It’s understandable. Hyperbole like you said works better than reality.


why do you keep asking posters that question?

Just wondering if you contribute. And if so- does it bother you that Trump grifted 250 million from Trump supporters?

The Trump campaign knew these claims of voter fraud were false, yet they continued to barrage small dollar donors with emails, encouraging them to donate to something called an Official Election Defense Fund," Wick said.

“Claims that the election was stolen were so successful, President Trump and his allies raised $250 million, nearly $100 million in the first week after the election,” Wick said.

She added that the committee discovered that the fund did not exist.

She detailed how Trump created a separate entity called the “Save America” PAC on Nov. 9, 2020.

Most of the money raised went to this newly created PAC, not to election-related litigation," she said, adding that the committee discovered that this PAC gave millions in contributions to pro-Trump organizations.

yes it is obvious you keep wondering.

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yesterday’s memo: “mention ‘detached from reality’ as much as possible”

today’s memo: “mention ‘grifted his voters 250 million’ all day”


No, the people that paid for Bill’s speech were the American People that Bill sold out to Russia for $$$.
You don’t really believe the Russians gave a crap about anything Bill would have to say and not expect something in return, do you?

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Your sister should have been more surprised that Manhattan wasn’t under 20 ft. of water like Al Gore predicted.


Honestly I would think this is the only one Trump voters would care about. Who cares if he tried to overthrow Leftists to maintain power? Who cares about pressuring officials, trying to make his VP overturn the election, lying, etc.

But grifting his own supporters? Hmmmm…

lol. “tried to overthrow”

what a world


I, like many I imagine, are more concerned about $5 gal. gasoline, empty supermarket shelves, skyrocketing energy prices to heat and cool our homes, and the very real possibility of a nuclear war, more than we are about some Leftist hate rhetoric against President Trump.

We still haven’t forgiven you for the “Russia…Russia…Russia…” lie you fed us for 3 years and here you are trying something new.

No sale.


When you do.

The 5th Amendment would apply how?

Fair point

I wonder if you’ll be as surprised when the mules turn out to be imaginary.

Did you reply to the wrong post or am i lost lol

Why is that your business? Did you give?

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Yes they were.

Cities were on fire, they weren’t burned to the ground.

Nyet. We take rubles from Ukraine

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