The house select committee on Jan 6 Pt 2

Get better news sources. That is not true

One can draw direct lines from anyone to anyone. Glenn Beck was very good at doing that sort of thing.

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The Koch family were Birchers. Like their Dad was one of the original members.

A lot of what makes up the modern Conservative movement comes from the investment that the Koch brothers have put into building up cover for an intellectual basis for their wacky ideas by building out economics departments of universities and such.

There is an actual money trail that can be shown.

It was quite a brilliant way to build out support for policies that benefit the rich above all else.

It is quite admirable.

This is opposed to the supposed secret control of the libs from a philosopher that literally no one gives a crap about. That one is the Glenn Beck murder board


On his chalkboard, oh those were days. What a nut.

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Exactly. Robert Welch > someone whom among other things belonged to the Birch society > family of that person gives money to things that benefit rich people like themselves >….

Lines are the backbone of any good conspiracy theory.

First time I saw Beck on CNN he was showing the connection between the big banks and the government. It made good sense, and still does. After I,watched him a few times I,saw that he was just picking random connections that didn’t mean much and drawing lines between them.

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Our history is littered with cons, but you have to give special honors to supply side economics: an economic philosophy literally scrawled on a napkin that, despite it’s multiple failures, has driven Republican perfidy for decades.

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Get heem!

Except history.

He didn’t BELONG to the John Birch Society.

He co-founded it.

Koch also gave a major grant to the United Negro College Fund. So we can draw a line from Robert Welch to the UNCF.

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Is this coming up on the J6 itinerary?

They went more crazy than the steering wheel grabbing.

Way more crazy.

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I look forward to the next live hearing.
The messages were handed over by Mark Bankston, the attorney representing two Sandy Hook parents who won nearly $50 million in a civil trial against Jones last week.


THIS is why he went ballistic on toilets a few years back. Now I get it.

I’m sure it’s nothing

Wonder if that picture of scraps of paper in a toilet were used as support for the raid?

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That is the resurrection of the steel dossier.

Even more fake.


??? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

That post was in response to you dismissing the assertion that Trump was in legal jeopardy

It’s amazing what constitutes proof these days.