The House approves of illegals voting


At least here in Texas, I know for a fact they do.


Told you so.


Because immigration and naturalization is the jurisdiction of the federal government and if you want to participate politically at that level then it’s reasonable to set a citizenship requirement.


This claim is nonsensical. There is nothing in H.R. 1 that would enable people who are not citizens to vote.

What H.R. 1 addresses is the widespread suppression of votes that has become a Republican tactic to maintain electoral dominance, as demonstrated in the last year in Georgia, Kansas and Texas.

And to drag John Lewis into this as the bad guy – back when he was being beaten up in the struggle to allow African-American citizens to vote the same factions in our society called him a bad guy then. Some things never change.


But did you die doing it?


So when the granting of additional rights is proposed then we can join together to oppose it. Right now, you are saying you are opposed to H.R. 1 because you have a fantasy that something bad might happen in the future.


I’m going to have to change my bumper sticker from “Get 'em in, get 'em legal, get 'em voting”

To something else. The middle is irrelevant.


What does that even mean?

If the Green Card is “current” you consider the holder to be here illegally?

That makes zero sense.


Well that’s just patently untrue.


Allow me to explain this mathematically…what’s a million times zero?


Have the commie democrats thought up a new name for America?


It makes perfect sense. If the green card holder’s card is current, he’s here legally. If it expires and not renewed, until it happens, that individual is here illegally.


just wait n see


Read it again, the one you replied to.


OK, I re-read your post. You got it wrong.

But I know what you meant.


Oh cool, didn’t know you had access to top secret intel. That’s neat.


I knew that…I was just checking to see if you would catch it and…ya did.


No…not as long as their card is current.


You think permanent residents are illegal aliens? What in the hell?


But they are not citizens. You just said that they should get out…