The hits just keep on coming. Literally and figuratively from the unhinged left

Sadly this is becoming the new normal and odds are it will only get worse between now and election day.

If the democrats don’t get control of congress which seems ever more likely this will likely only accelerate heading into 2020.


Uh huh…

10 Charles

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Warren has gone completely off the rails now as well. If people start to actually believe this garbage then the only alternative left for minorities is revolution.

Is that really where we want to go?

Of course Beto the Beta can’t help but pur his own gas on the fire.

What the hell are these people thinking?


I ve been saying ever since the Kavanaugh hearings became a joke thanks to the kook fringe left…

People that desperate for political power should never be allowed to hold it.

They have no ideas…none. So this is what they’ve devolved into.

Sad and very scary!


It’s been building since Trump first become the front runner in 2016, kicked into high gear just before his inauguration and it’s done nothing but get worse since.

I haven’t seen it this bad since 68.

After two solid years of whipping raging psychotics into a frenzied state you can’t expect the leadership to remain immune.

They are the disease, the symptoms and the infectious plague rampantly spreading throughout the population.

Good thing the same thing isn’t happening towards Democrats. Oh wait it is


How many times are you going to post the same thing? There are a dozen other threads where you can play “they did it too”, go find one.


This is really the best you have?

Is this some party leader or major democrat candidate much less a potential 2020 presidential candidate or just some unhinged nut that’s a nobody?

Same with this guy, you’re just scraping the bottom of the barrel tonight out of desperation aren’t you?

It’s just amusing how you tried to portray this as something that is only occurring towards Republican by Democrats. It’s not


james hodgkinson.

Not sure. I do have to agree that the attacks are becoming unhinged


How exactly are they being attacked and by whom?

Are you even reading these or just spamming the thread to derail it?

How is Hunter encouraging violence against his opponent specifically?

The same way Warren encouraging violence by saying the criminal justice system is racist

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There it is…the qualifiers…lol…typical