The Highwaymen on Netflix

I saw a trailer for it on youtube

Y’all know about Frank Hamer? I am so seeing this.

That looks awesome.

I like old Kevin Costner.

Frank Hamer was a bona fide bad ass.

Looking forward to anything with Woody Harrelson, along with this story.

I watched him in True Detective a while back, he’s really good.

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Not to derail the thread, but you would love his character in Zombieland.

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Here’s an interesting read on the long and winding road to getting the movie made.

I’m seeing the premier later tonight. Will report.

They threw an awesome party last night. They turned the basement of Bangers sausage house into a speakeasy and poker hall. Just woke up. Apparently I’m now too old for that ■■■■■ Also, apparently bangers has a basement in Austin, which is weird.

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When I got the party invite I thought I was going to a pre party for a documentary about the country-super group, so imagine my confusion when as I was trying to figure out if Kevin Costner was playing nelson , Cash, Kristofferson or jennings and then hear everyone in the room talking about Bonnie and Clyde.

Elvis who?

ya see i even had to edit. I’m a double idiot. I was even confusing The Highwaymen with The Million Dollar Quartet. People must have thought I was a nut.

Toooo old. If I could put an edit button on last night I’d take out one of those old fashion’s and not have left my house keys in the uber.

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Looks like it comes on Netflix on March 29th.

…and sadly, my report is I didn’t get in to the premier. I’ll have to watch it with the rest of us plebs on netflix.

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Good. No spoilers on how the story ends.

I am looking forward to it.

Tomorrow night is the night.

I’m really looking forward to this. Although he’s a bit of a wimp in a lot of movies, Costner is a pretty good actor. And Harrelson is flat out crazy.

He was very convincing in Natural Born Killers.

Just watched it. It was good.

It was pretty good. Dragged a bit in the middle but the last third was very good.