The Head of the Snake is Hillary

It is clear Hillary was broke then has millions making money off her life, and the life of her husband. It has been proved her connection is with Russia. We have movie stars lining themselves with Russia, and the FBI on a witch hunt. She should be locked up or under have a stay at home order until all investigations are complete. Tell me why she is above the law?


i agree, no one is above the law. Maybe trump ahould direct his DOJ to start an investigation on all of these crimes Hillary has committed.


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Then once that’s concluded without an indictment, he can direct the DOJ to investigate him. Since he has nothing to hide, I’m sure he’ll be glad to.

Verily, Hillary is like unto the Beast, who hath carnal relations with the Great Harlot, seeking the ruin of all that is MAGA and innocent. Who can stand against her, if Donald be powerless to confront her Great Evil? Woe betide Trump Nation, that we have seen these dark days befall us.


Lock her up Lock her up!

I hope trump, who was brought to us by God, can get rid of this criminal, brings back the true Christian values he follows and we richly deserve.

Trump has been President for nearly two years, but his DOJ hasn’t indicted Hillary yet. Trump’s DOJ needs to hurry up to indict and convict Hillary because the next President is probably going to pardon her.

Why hasn’t Donnie locked her up?

Promises made, promises broken!

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That was a brilliant use of 7.8 second of my life I will never get back. I will answer your question with another, what is trump waiting for? He had 2 years with a republican house and a republican Senate. What’s the delay?

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Trump is going to use Hillary to fulfill all of his promises. He’ll pay down the deficit by seizing Clinton assets, because their fraud is trillion-esque, arrest Hillary, put her on a chain gang that is building the wall (with her money), televise it nationally as a reality show on prime time, and then settle the rest of the deficit with the proceeds from the show.

Just give him time. He’s got 158 Big Macs to eat between now and then, but don’t worry—it’s on his list.


Its almost 2019 and we are still talking about Hillary? She hasn’t been relevant for 2+ years now.

Hillary Clinton is no better and no worse than any other well-connected high ranking politician.

The difference is, maybe as a result of entrenched misogyny, there has been a full generation of demonetization of her by the right. As soon as Bill came into office, she tried to spearhead healthcare reform…and many, many people resented her for being THAT involved. The rightwing media, especially the brand new Fox news at the time, made her a favorite target…and that has been going on since then.

The irrational hatred of her by the right is bizarre, especially considering the egregious behavior they’re willing to overlook by the draft-dodging conman-in-chief.


Yeah, he probably thought he was going to the site of a conservative broadcaster where conservative ideas might be acceptable topics of discussion. Definitely new.

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Is the OP what you would call “conservative”?

If so that explains so, so much…

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This isn’t about conservative vs liberal.

This is about reality vs fantasy

No. It’s about poor little libs who go to a conservative broadcasters website and bitch that they “must endure” ideas that they disagree with.


Irony…I found it!


That’s the complete opposite of what you’ve said in the past. But, if you say so…

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I don’t think I’ve ever said anything different.

I don’t watch cable news. Maybe that is what you are thinking of. I have never paid for cable TV, I think all cable news networks suck.

But I have been a long time listener of Sean, rush, local conservative RW radio talk, and NPR radio. As a stay at home, I like listening to talk radio throughout the day. :slight_smile: