The guy who shot 16 people yesterday, mad about his engineering job

“Vice Mayor James Wood said people can take guns into public buildings, but not schools or courts.”

The worst part is it sounds like he was just shooting people randomly at their jobs. Shot one in a car too. Not sure if that was before or after he went into the office building.

This is the worst US mass shooting in 7 months.

I guess we’re waiting on the motive. Obviously he was a disgruntled employee. But what was his deal?

This is the most bonkers thing about your post.


Thoughts and prayers.

This looks like another shooting in a gun-free zone. Virginia recently banned concealed carry in state buildings; I assume that similar laws exist for municipal buildings as well.

I guess the shooter did not notice the “no guns” signs.

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There are shootings every single night in places that are not gun free zones.

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And then you have gun free countries like the UK with homicide rates a fraction of ours.

Most murders in London are with knives, and the homicide rate is higher than in New York City.

From your link…

“London tallied 15 murders in February”

The guy in the OP murdered 12 by himself yesterday.

Yes, but most mass shootings are in gun-free zones:

John Lott should hire better web designers if he wants to push his bias

We have a firearm homicide in our country every 54 minutes. Around 26 people will be gunned down today. And tomorrow. And forever.

You are only highlighting mass shootings (where it has to include at least 4 dead people). When 3 people get gunned down it doesn’t count as a mass shooting nor is it included in your stats.

Did you see the story about the teacher the other day that had told another teacher or 2 that she was going to bring a gun to school and wipe out the kids in her school? That’s just one of the people we want to arm.

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See, this is what you get in your rush to confirm your biases rather than accept the data as it is.

The murder rate in London was less than half of NYC’s for the 2018 CY. It was like 1.6 for London and 3.3 for NYC.

The UK’s homicide rate is 1.2 and the US’s is around 5.3.

So yeah, I’ll trade those knife homicides for the ■■■■ show we have any day.


The tree of liberty is watered with the blood of innocents.

Not many people want to be so bold as to put it out there like that, but plenty of them dismiss mass shootings with that mentality. “Oh well - freedom isn’t free.”


My observation is that many gun laws are in response to mass shootings, yet there is every evidence that they increase the number of mass shootings.

This is a bit like doctors saying that parents should avoid giving their toddlers peanuts out of fear of possible peanut allergies. Yet recent research that delaying the introduction of peanuts to the diet greatly increases the risk peanut allergy and has been a major contributor to the increase in severe peanut allergies. The alleged cure was causing the problem.

There are only two reasons gun homicides happen.

  • One person wants another dead
  • Guns are efficient to do the job

It’s the same reason we arm our soldiers with guns instead of just knives (and they still are gunned down at times).


The presence of a relatively small number (out of the general population) of habitual criminals in a locale can cause that.

Are you making the old argument that gun murders only happen in certain places?

If you are I can list the cities/towns where women were gunned down by their husbands, boyfriends and exes over the last year.

Except for the stark, unassailable reality that America has the most guns in the world by far and also deals with mass shootings at a rate not seen by anywhere else in the world.

No, but most murders happen because of certain types of hyperviolent people in our society.

If you, for example, dropped out gang related crime from the crime statistics the crime rates between different groups would be much closer, and if every street hood mysteriously died one day after society got used to their absence the demographics would be more so the same.

And being old isn’t invalid: it is a simple fact that certain kinds of habitual criminals clump together and also that most criminals prey on those nearby (even rich shoplifters will likely steal from the stores they normally go to).

That results in some places, the places where said habitual criminals tend clump and do their thing, are worse than places they don’t.

But it isn’t an inherent problem of those places and most folks who live there but of the presence of habitual criminals.

With respect to most gun violence we don’t have a gun issue, but an habitual criminal issue.

… said criminals don’t obey gun laws anyway while we’re at it.