The growing threat of Russia and the Eastern Front

Ukraine is moving toward NATO membership, with the announcement of joint NATO/UKR military drill this year.

Russia has moved to deploy 100,000 troops to the Ukrainian border to combat the threat of a NATO intervention into the Ukrainian civil war.

This will be the first major test for President Biden on the Eastern Front.

■■■■ em, Russia won’t do ■■■■■

Do you think it is just saber rattling?

Neither will J’Biden. Well he might send money to Vlad Putin.

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He will fail it.

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I think they’re itching to show force. This has been bubbling over for a while, and I can’t imagine Vlad will permit a NATO ally next door.

Why, because he won’t suck up to Putin?

He’ll capitulate to Putin.

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You mean like Estonia?

Ukraine is aligning with Europe. That is where they see their future.

Putin wants to keep Ukraine in the Russian sphere… but Russia’s influence is waning and will continue to wane over the next decades because their main source of income, petroleum will be less and less valuable as energy production moves away from that source.

I don’t know if this is saber rattling or bolstering pro Russian forces inside of Ukraine… but whatever it is not good for the stability of the region.


Russia is little more than a gas station with nukes.

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And you’re against that now?


Estonia doesn’t supply most of Russia’s food.

But yeah they hate that ■■■■ too. Too close to Petersburg.

I was always against it. I didn’t care for Trump’s ineffectual weakness whenever it came to all things Vlad. If anything, the last four years only emboldened Russia and here we are.

Doesn’t matter, right on the border, a lot of ethnic Russians.

The Russians believe, and not without serious historical precedents, that their only defense against invasion to put as many miles between Moscow and a potential enemy as possible.

Estonia is one thing. NATO controlling their food supply and their access to the Black Sea is another. There’s a reason Putin was willing to annex Crimea when the Russian military really isn’t up to it.

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Access to the Baltic may be even more important. Estonia is strategically located giving NATO a convenient base from which to close it off.

Russia still had access to the Black Sea without Crimea.

Listen take it up with the Russians if you disagree. It’s their position that NATO in Ukraine is an unacceptable red line for them, not mine. This has been the case since the fall of the USSR.

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What are you going on about? What is it I need to take up with Russia?

I posted in response to EV’s lack of geographical knowledge. NATO is already on Russia’s border.

I accept your correction. Thank you.

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