The greatest show on earth

I have a question, and hope not to offend some by asking:

How can Trump possibly run for a 2nd term in 2020? He is getting so many things done at such a rapid pace, there won’t be anything left for him to do! I would say that he is the greatest show on Earth. Our economy is doing too well, too many jobs created, GDP outta sight. Libs got a wedgie. What say you Hannityland?

I predicted this before his inauguration.

It doesn’t matter what Trump does. His supporters will believe he’s done everything and anything. He’s overpromising and under delivering, but since he’s a great salesman, people won’t feel like they’ve been screwed.

Who is screwed. Even Looney Left is getting their free ride :smile:

What are you blabbering about?

New York Slime and anti-Trump spin spike: GDP is too high, unemployment is too low, markets are too high, SNAP signups are too low, consumer confidence is too high…

All I can say is #MAGA

I was going to ask you the same thing, Dantes.

Trump has accomplished far less than you think.

Trade deals? We can’t even tweak NAFTA
Wall? Not funded.
Immigration reform? He killed it.
Healthcare reform? Higher premiums anyone?
Debt control? Out of control.

He got a tax cut. That’s about it.

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Watching Trump battle opponents who are attacking spherically like no other President has ever had to endure and beating those overwhelming odds, has been incredible to witness. What I also believe I’m seeing is Trump beginning to age at an accelerated rate. IMO…Trump won’t run again unless the midterms change the makeup of Congress to be more favorable to him.

This is exactly what I mean.

When Mitch McConnell said that he wanted to make Obama a one term president, that meant that Obama had to battle Congress to get anything accomplished.

That is the toughest hill to climb.

Trump’s issues are because he made them.

It doesn’t matter. Trump supporters like the OP are going to continue to swoon over him like fan girls at a Justin Bieber concert. The outright hero worship is becoming embarrassing.

No my friend. It’s much more than that. Can you find a positive news article about Trump?

Uh, 4.1% GDP for 2nd Q 2018. The economy. It’s all over the news right now. And the President in the WH at the time of the report is the one who is credited with the economy.

Post your example then…it sounds easy.

Here’s Fox News

Here’s CNN

Perfect. You went to Fox first. Why is that? There were so many, many other sources…so why Fox?

Here’s the first paragraph of your second example;

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump on Friday seized on a strong GDP growth rate for the second quarter of the year to tout the economic gains made during his presidency and argued the US is experiencing an economic boom.
The US economy grew at a 4.1% annual rate in the second quarter of the year, a figure Trump touted as “amazing” and sustainable – even as economists caution economic growth for the second half of the year will likely be slower.

The defense rests. Thanks for making my point. Are you a believer now or do you want to play some more?

Should the news not report news about what economists are saying about the economy?

Greatest ■■■■ show on Earth.

They can go either way with their choice of how they want to spin this news but my point was that I already knew…it’d be negative.

No spin, it’s simply the news reporting on the projection for the rest of the year. Standard protocol for an article discussing GDP growth