The Great Trade war of 2018


Yep. It just shows that there was no trade plan beyond killing the TPP for votes.


And now there is this. How many more companies will come out with weaker sales expectations as a result of Mr. Trump’s trade wars?


This puts a smile on my face. I just love when Trump voters get directly hurt by him.

HOLLAND, Mich. — “Plants in every direction shut down and moved their operations to Mexico, succumbing to the relentless pressure to cut costs in an age of globalization. Not EBW Electronics. As the decades passed, the family-owned business stayed put, on the eastern edge of Lake Michigan, churning out lights for the auto industry.

But now, the company’s management is reluctantly mulling the possibility of moving its production to Mexico to escape the tariffs that President Trump has put on imported components, his primary weapons in a trade war waged in the name of bringing jobs home to America.

“It’s killing us,” said the chairman of the company, Pat LeBlanc, 63, a Republican who voted for Mr. Trump. He now expects the president’s tariffs will chop his 2019 profits in half. “I just feel so betrayed. If we fail because the company is being harmed by the government, that just makes me sick.”


Trade war going seemingly it seems


Aluminum and steel. Focus. Maybe you cant remember.That was the plan.


They are fighting for their country… not for votes. Liberals will never understand that.


Some people like the good ole days and have trouble with anything new.


That post :point_up_2: actually has a lot of truth to it with respect to day traders, swing traders, and short and long term investors.

We have all gotten use to reading company financials, annual reports, earnings, product announcements and the market itself. We’re doing the same things and president trump will get a Twitter feud with someone and our investments won’t act the way they normally (thus potentially costing us $$).

Now, people who live paycheck to paycheck or aren’t actively managing their investments or who just pray that in 40 years their 401K will be enough to retire on probably don’t understand that. And the ones that do pray, ironically, do hope the market acts like it always has.


Midwestern Farmers are taking it on the chin in this Trade war.

Nationally, median farm income is estimated at a negative $1,548—which means that a majority of farms in all size categories lost money last year.
Paul Mitchell, an ag economist at the UW-Madison and director of the Renk Agribusiness Institute, which sponsors the annual outlook forum, commented that in 2017, farm income had bumped up, but by 2018, overall it had dropped 8 to 10 percent. Income for beef producers was down 1.4 percent while for dairy producers it dropped 7.1 percent.


Trump presidency has been devastating for Wisconsin farmers.


Its twice as bad right now for Midwestern farmers than it was during the Great Recession, thanks to Trump’s trade wars.


If anything stops the trade war it will be the bursting of the bubble of China’s overleveraged housing market.

25% of the GDP is from construction but they have over $3 Trillion tied up in property that is 47% vacant and not earning any income.

Some of the blue chip property developers have had their debt ratings decreased to CCC.

It doesn’t look like it is a matter of if but when the whole thing collapses.

This is what I think will bring China to the table. …



It is still going swimmingly with victory in sight… oh wait.


What does this Hippie Lib know?


Farmers are continuing to be hurt by the trade practices of this administration. Pulling out of TPP is now putting the pinch on many US farmers.

US farmers being cut out of Japan after TPP withdrawal

US farm groups are ramping up pressure on Donald Trump to quickly launch trade talks with Tokyo, as they face mounting evidence of lost sales and market share in Japan following America’s withdrawal from the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

In recent weeks, wheat, pork and beef producers in the US have complained that they are being rapidly outflanked and replaced in the lucrative Japanese market by rivals including Canada, Australia, and EU member states, whose trade deals with Japan entered into force in recent months.

Farm belt politicians, including from Mr Trump’s own Republican party, are increasingly restless about the latest trends in trade with Japan, which has added to the angst among farmers and ranchers about the president’s protectionist trade policies. Farmers and ranchers have already suffered heavily because of retaliatory tariffs imposed by China on their products.




This should really make US Farmers ecstatic. The market also will be thrilled to hear this from Trump today.


Oh, there was no “great” trade war.

And Trump should raise taxes on the Chinese. I’d like to see another 10% added to the tariffs.

Lots of demand for accesses to our markets, why not charge for it?


Who do you think pays tariffs?


Add it to the list. Cratic doesn’t know how tariffs work.