The Great Trade war of 2018


Sounds alot like the deals he strikes with…everyone.


Can you provide evidence to back up this statement? I’m not sure what your metric is for how much Trump cares. I’m not sure how you measure that.



Absolutely. This is a fact. And there are decades of historical evidence supporting this claim as well.


I’ll believe it when I see it. I just don’t see Democrats ever being a free trade party. Feel free to prove me wrong. Until then, I will remain a libertarian leaning independent.


Best deal maker in US history!


What a clown show. Worst administration ever.


So Retrumplicans, does Donald not understand tariffs, or does he believe you don’t?

Your GOP president is bragging at how he is raising billions from taxes on Americans.


Justin is one of the very few politicians that I like in DC. Don’t ruin it by posting other stuff about him!


I couldn’t agree more. I’m an Amash fan too. And I don’t want the facade ruined.


Markets Tanking again.

After a 200 point rally yesterday, they’re currently down 600.


Closed down 799.



We haven’t even seen the Flynn sentencing yet.

A scandal wracked President has little ability to undo the damage that he has already done.


Four of the 5 largest one day drops have occurred on “stable genius” Fat TrumpyBear’s watch:


He thought he could like to prop the markets up by lying. Where is the SEC?


That’s what concerns me. I have many investments that I’ve just let ride. I’ve been on the fence for a while.

Trump is making it really hard for me to use the patterns I’m accustomed to.


So much winning!!!


It’s so easy to do so much winning


That’s a lot of money they can never get back.

GOPig Congress should be ashamed for not fighting for their constituents.


That is astounding.


More winning.