The Great Trade war of 2018


There’s Dumb Donald, but now there are Dumb Democrats trying to do just as poorly.


I keep saying it…”Maximize Shareholder Value” are the three most destructive words for the American Blue Collar worker.

Until that changes… nothing will.


We just had to buy a new set of special drill bits (for sampling rail road ties to dispose of them) today, and the price doubled! They said the steel tariffs were the main issue…

I thought we built more steel factories???


More winning because of tariffs!


When our side lies constantly, you just don’t know who to believe:


Perfect, just perfect


Great news!

(From April!)


Well, I never would have guessed…


I will lay money down that when the democrats take the house in January they will go out of their way to look like they will help the working class including tariffs.

Pretty much everything in the last two years people have been critical for towards Trump with trade the democrats will double down or say whatever Trump did didn’t go far enough to protect workers.

It’s already starting.

“Emboldened by their takeover of the House starting next year, many Democrats say they want the new agreement to strengthen its protections for American workers from low-wage Mexican competition.”


On those 40% tariffs on cars:


We will be lucky to get back to where we started.


GOPers growing some spine?

Hopefully, but not holding breath.


Translation: 120 days.


Again, on the 40% tariffs on vehicles:


I said right after the election that one good thing that may come out of a Trump Presidency is the Legislature taking back power that it ceded to the Executive.


They need to slap him down on his NAFTA 2.0, particularly if he truly believes he will terminate 1.0 to force their hand.


Hope no one got their hopes up on the “China deal”.

Trump’s Advisers Struggle to Explain Deal He Says He Cut With Xi
President Donald Trump left his top advisers scrambling on Monday to explain a trade deal he claimed he’d struck with China to reduce tariffs on U.S. cars exported…


Forget Trump. For decades and multiple Presidencies this has been an abhorrent over-reach of separation of power duties between the Legislative and the Executive tilted towards the Executive.

If there is a re-balancing and realignment because of this moron, then that in and of itself is a great thing. I hate that it took this, but this balance needed to be re-aligned. I hope these are the small footsteps leading to balance.


You and I agree on this issue very much.


Sounds a lot like the kind of deal struck with North Korea.