The Great Trade war of 2018


Sorry Donny!


Who could have predicted such a scenario?


There are those evil Koch brothers again, mucking with liberal policy!


Trade Wars are easy to win!


What do you think.

He will get back to zero?


I think he’s going to either fold like a cheap suit (and claim “Winning” ) or dig himself in even deeper.




Womp womp.


Along with getting creamed from the President’s policies, he is cutting aid to rural areas who voted for him.

Will they learn?


Waiting for a wingnut to come into the thread and complain that the woman in the article shouldn’t be having more babies if she can’t afford it.


Pres Trump is crowing about tariffs filling the coffers of the USA. Great news to him!!

Doesn’t he realize that it is the citizens of the USA paying these taxes (tariffs)???

I voted for him but I’m about done with this dumb***!


He either doesn’t understand or he believes his followers don’t. Notice he says “charged to China”. They don’t pay a lick of the tariffs, the companies paying for the Chinese goods pay the tariffs, and likely then pass them on to the consumer.


I’ll take both for $200, Alex.


“Patience is running out.” I can’t imagine why.


If you don’t believe me, try this guy:


Our so-called president doesn’t even understand this.


Oh, and Xi is 5’11".


GM said the tariffs would cost them 1 billion dollars…higher steel costs…higher car costs.

Trump thinks China is paying the difference.

I wish Mr. Xi can get that through Mr. Trump’s “very good brain”!!

You can’t make America Great Again by increasing costs to the citizens.

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Trump is an idiot. He referred to tariffs as interest rate increases he was implementing on China. When corrected, he pretended to understand that he misspoke, and he really did understand tariffs all along, but then went on to repeat the claims about them being interest rate hikes. There is no getting through to this moron.

In the course of a conversation with the Journal’s Bob Davis, Trump fumbled a number of trade-related terms, repeatedly failed to specify what he’s asking for to end his trade war with China, and otherwise gave unspecific and generic answers. It wasn’t shocking from a president who has struggled to enunciate a clear trade strategy and agenda, but that struggle was magnified in this, an interview solely about trade with China.

TRUMP: So, but what I’m saying is that I am very happy with what’s going on right now. We’ve only used a small portion of what we have to use because I have another $267 billion [in imports] to go if I want, and then I’m also able to raise interest rates. And we have money that is pouring right now, pouring —

WSJ: When you say interest rates, do you mean — do you mean tariffs, as opposed to interest rates?

TRUMP: I’m sorry, the rate, the 25 percent rate —

WSJ: Yeah, yeah, yeah. OK.

TRUMP: Without even doing any more.

WSJ: Yeah.

So Davis corrects Trump, and Trump says “sorry” and that he was referring to the 25 percent tariff. But then, he immediately calls the tariff an “interest rate” again — twice.

TRUMP: We have money that is pouring into our treasury right now, and on January 1 it’ll become much more so. And here’s the story: If we don’t make a deal, then I’m going to put the $200 — and it’s really $67 — billion additional on at an interest rate between 10 and 25 depending.

WSJ: Including even iPhones and laptops and things that people would know?

TRUMP: Maybe. Maybe. Depends on what the rate is . I mean, I can make it 10 percent and people could stand that very easily. But if you read that recent poll that came out, we’re only being — most of this is being — the brunt of it is being paid by China. You saw that.


The problem is, if it doesn’t affect Donald Trump personally he doesn’t care.

He’ll use peasants to get what he wants every time. He’d bankrupt ever single Trump supporter on this board if it meant more money for himself.