The Great Trade war of 2018


“She said she was losing patience with the Trump administration. “We were all really supportive at the beginning,” she said. “We figured we didn’t know all the facts and something would happen and this won’t be a long-term thing. Now it looks like this is going to be a several-year thing and people are getting frustrated.”

What a bunch of dopes.


“I didn’t think that leopards would eat my face” says woman who voted for the Leopards Eating Faces Party.


It is going to be a rough winter for some US Farmers. But, this is what many of them voted for, so it is hard to feel too bad for them.


You reap what you sow.


Time to re-up this article

And this


Get ready for a sluggish economy in 2019 thanks to a variety of factors, but not least of which, Trump’s Trade War.

I’m doubtful we will see annualized 3% GDP this year, considering the current headwinds, and this will likely have been his best year to achieve it. Womp Womp.


The “winning” is going to be epic.


He’s smarter than everyone.


Don’t worry.

They will blame the democrats and the base will eat it up.


Wait. There are 1,100 economists in this country that think Dumpster Donnie will read a letter written by economists?


They are not going to bring manufacturing back to the US from abroad.


More winning?

General Motors Co will significantly cut car production in North America and stop building some low-selling car models, and was expected to announce significant planned reductions to its North American salaried, executive workforce, sources said on Monday.

The company also has said tariffs on imported steel, imposed earlier this year by the Trump administration, have cost it $1 billion.


GM uses quite a bit of domestic steel in their US plants. Not so sure about those in Canada or Mexico, they probably source from in country to avoid certain costs.

But as I predicted, domestic prices increased as well. GM must have lost their money on spot buys because they typically have contracts for most of their parts. Unless those were recently rebid, not in automotive. Of course I’m thinking steel on my part, but they use a bit of aluminum as well.


GM just announced on their call the following…


I was talking to my brother who has worked for Ford for over twenty years.

He was telling me that he hopes to make it to twenty five years because then he can cash out… his opinion on the future of Ford as a company was pretty grim.


DO IT!!!



They forgot to sign up for farm welfare!


When is the winning going to stop?