The Great Trade war of 2018


Oh, not at all. With all of the gains that I haven’t been making in the stock market, I’m sure that this Christmas I’ll spend more than ever, because that’s what you do when the stock market is tanking.

I think.




We obviously need more tariffs.


You know what brings down the trade deficit? A good old fashioned recession.


The current president could have actually come in and been successful on our trade deficit if he hadn’t been a total ass about it. When you come in and insult everybody on the planet they’re gonna bow their neck.

He thinks he’s still dealing with small businesses like plumbers and electricians.


I say let’s go with a full on Smoot-Hawley style and ramp this good thing into overdrive!




Surely there is an alternative use for rotting soybeans…are they not ethanol worthy?


I’m sensing a trend.


Sometimes stupid has to hurt.


Somehow, I can’t care.


feature or bug?




Ben Sasse gets it:



10charlie :wilted_flower:


Thoughts and prayers.


The reap what they’ve sown. I’m feeling less and less bad for these people. This is what they asked for. And now they’re getting what they wanted.


Prediction: Trump will take it and tell us it was the best deal ever.


Really smart timing by the Chinese.


The administration is too inept to give money away,