The Great Trade war of 2018


Well, people, (trolls) like you add nothing to the conversation

All you people ever seem to do is just deride people, you insult, malign and ridicule them.


Doesn’t everyone know that the sea creatures caught four feet into Canadian waters are drastically different then the creatures four feet into American Waters? Plus they sound different.


I’m sure Maine’s lobsterman are thrilled to be doing their part in MAGA by having their industry destroyed.

Thank you sir, may I have another.


Right, eh!


Trumpkins literally said on the forums they would be willing to burn America down to stick it to libs and the establishment.

Only a moron starts a trade war with all their top trading partners at once.


Agreed, And I believe US should be shift production to other countries.

We should never placed all those eggs in China basket IMO.


Other countries? I thought all those companies were supposed to be bringing their manufacturing operations back to ‘Murcia.


Even Conan admits that if companies stopped manufacturing cheap stuff in China, they’d simply shift production to some 3rd world country.


FYI, Ford uses domestic steel:


Tariffs will help companies come back to the US…


Not national security then?


A little “wag the dog” perhaps?

These include military action, including sanctions on the Chinese military and an increase in naval exercises around China’s territorial waters; economic sanctions to counter religious suppression; and a rise in anti-China rhetoric, including accusations of Chinese interference in US elections.




More…seems Ford is looking for an alliance with Volkswagen.


I feel bad for my brother. He works for Ford and supported Trump.

I wonder if he is going to get caught up in this.



So obviously there is not a trade “war”… And the original birther was a democrat.


It’s a… “It will happen later” article. “For now things are booming, but just wait”… LOL!..


Not in time for Christmas?


I’m sure that won’t have any effect on the economy or the stock market.