The Great Trade war of 2018


So our federal government should be conducting the schedule for trade negotiations around the hurricane season?

Do you think renegotiating international trade agreements is something that should only take a week?


That made no sense.


It was a good run.


thanks obama


Fat donald is the greatest negotiator ever!


An echo chamber of globalists still upset Hillary lost, preaching doom to some of the best economic quarters in a long time. Upset the U.S. is trying to bring the unfair trade practices of communist totalitarian China to the table with tariffs.

I remember the globalists talking about how China would be lifted from poverty and become a liberal loving democracy with free trade - wrong.


Tell me you are poeing.


With the US destroying NAFTA and setting up tariffs an Asian trade block or European one was going to dominate but because of Brexit Asia has more strength.


Trade wars are easy to win.


After being in China this last month, the business community there needs the US more than the US needs China. Reading some of the posts on this forum is hilarious and have no clue in what is going on in China.

I think one of the funniest post i read is China is bumping more trade cooperation with Canada??? Ok and so??? Is Canada as big of a market as the US???

Either way, being on ground in Tianjin and Guangzhou, Chinese companies need the US market more than US companies needing China’s manufacturing base, as a company can easily shift production to other countries…


Thanks for trolling, I’d not expect anything less from you.

At least you are being consistent.


Some of you people really have a heightened opinion of what you contribute.


More winning.

So because Canada has a trade agreement with Europe they are getting better prices and more access than the Americans.


Trade wars, so, so easy to win!


You do know Canadian lobster has always been cheaper than Maine lobster? Due to having a harder shell, due to living in colder water, and the lobster tail meat not being as juicy as Maine lobster.

So Canadian lobster will always have better pricing than Maine lobster, but you knew that already???


It’s the same lobster.

Believe it or not, lobsters don’t care about arbitrary lines in the Gulf of Maine.


In a sense you are right, but there is a distinction between the 2:

Even though it is the same, there is a difference. And price wise Canadian lobster has always been cheaper than Maine lobster.


The difference is in branding.

There is no difference between a lobster caught off of Bar Harbor to one caught off of Nova Scotia.

It won’t matter in a few decades anyway… with the Gulf of Maine warming the lobsters are moving further and further north and the Maine part of the fishery is likely to collapse.

Good times… good times.


Trump’s tariffs are essentially a tax on American consumers.


And getting cheaper too thanks to tariffs so Canada get s more of the Chinese and European markets.

While Brazil gets more of the Chinese Soybean market.