The Great Trade war of 2018


China should devalue their currency rather than retaliate with tariffs.

This will make US even more expensive and undo the impact of the tariffs


Canada is going to be pushing more trade with Asia now.







■■■■■■■■■■■■. i own some of that.



They will come to the table any day now.


China’s leaders are not stupid. Trump has way too many irons in the fire to win a multi-front trade war on top of everything else.


Ahhh - the battlecry of the ■■■■■■■■.


Fighting with the 1st and 3rd countries you export the most to at the same time is stupid.


Absolutely. And they have the ability to play the long game here too. We see political life in 4 year increments. They look 10, 25, even 100 years down the road.


Heck right now the political fight is news cycle to news cycle and some days that cycle is hourly.


All seems to be going swimmingly on the home front


■■■■■■ welfare queens. Joke.


It’s not like they weren’t warned about the consequences of voting for Trump.



I’m sure the people who will have to rebuild will be thrilled to pay the additional 20-30% due to the tariffs. And where will all the workers come from that will be needed to rebuild because of the immigration crack down?

I’d feel really bad for them if they weren’t Trump voters, but they asked for this, so.


I call them “gullible”:


But he is a reality tv star who talks about how rich he is and for years right wing media said successful business men would make a great president.