The Great Trade war of 2018


I’d be deflecting too, if I was a trump supporter.



The Bloomberg Agriculture Subindex, which comprises soybeans and seven other major farm products, hasn’t really recovered since touching a record low last month.



Trade wars are good and easy to win.


At the very end of the article:

''For now, he plans to vote for Mr. Blum in November. But he’s open to hearing what the Democrats have to offer. And if the pain stretches into the winter, all bets are off.

“I would probably change my mind about voting for Trump,” Mr. Watje said. “When it gets past six months, we probably are all going to start changing our minds about who we are voting for.”


Trump is nothing more than a lying, lowlife dog.


Trade balance will be skewed


As I mentioned here a while back, an Engineering friend of mine said they were working night and day fast-tracking all their projects because of steel. When everything dies down I’m going to check with him and see how his business is then.


This lined up with the theory that the GDP is being bolstered by the “pull forward effect”.

That there are a lot of orders being filled to stock up cheaper now than in the future when materials are going to be more expensive.






Just in time for Christmas!


Its OK consumers, there’s just no other way to get people to build stuff here. Just get used to higher prices!


I just bought a new orbit sander.

Looked at couple of em. Milwaukee and Dewalt. Both were the same price.

Milwaukee was made in China. Dewalt was made in Mexico.

Which tool did I buy?


Glad I already have my company provided Chinese version!


What a dumb thing to say.


How on earth does paying Brazil more hurt us???


It may force more stuff to be made here to avoid tariffs. So, that would mean more economic activity . And we could use inflation ask the fed who has 4 trillion in debt left over from the Obama years.

Call it a way to pay for our tax cuts…lol!