The Great Trade war of 2018


I guarantee Trump has no idea. Dining-Kruger President. It has nothing to do with national security.


Was this national security issue brought up during the campaign?

Because all I heard was trade imbalance and jobs.


When Jesus brought us the miracle that is Donald Trump, did he mention job loses?


I’m impressed. You’ve read the strategic planning studies on the wartime needs of the domestic steel and aluminum industry.


Let’s pretend 2020 is here, and Trump loses and there is a democrat president that controls both the house and senate.

What should be the approach towards China? And the outsourcing/insourcing of jobs. And it’s not just lower income jobs that are being hammered software developer I.T. positions are being obliterated right now by mostly workers from India.

I am in the industry, live in Seattle and see it abused everyday. The company I work for most of the time doesn’t even try to offer software positions to an American and 3x that amount are working for the companies offshore.

What is the democrat position to tackle this? If it continues the only one the benefits is China, India, Mexico and big business.


A shipment of soybeans worth more than $20m (£15.5m) has been bobbing aimlessly in the Pacific Ocean for a month, a casualty of the escalating trade war between China and the US.

Lingering uncertainty over the cargo’s fate offered a timely reminder of the fallout from a dispute that intensified on Wednesday, as the US president, Donald Trump, unveiled a second round of tariffs on $16bn of Chinese goods, prompting Beijing to respond in kind.


This commander in chief?

No, I don’t think he knows it. I think he know where steel mills are located. He’s buying votes.


Which side of your mouth are you speaking from now? You libs say he is causing jobs to be lost.


He is just to buy a few votes. He is giving bailouts to buy those votes from people whose jobs he is sacrificing.


We should have a thread where people guess what Donald Trump’s tweet would be if he wasn’t president and politicians were asking him to sacrifice his money/income for the good of the country. You know, messing with his money.

It would be funny.


A few here. A few there. Not enough for the feeble minded to stop following their alpha male.


Trump just seems to be willing to sacrifice farmers.



Ignorant, just pure ignorance!




This needs it’s own thread. But it is insane. For one thing, there’s no confirmation from Commerce about this, and we actually live in a world now where just because the president says he’s done something we don’t actually know if it’s going to happen. This is a US ally for Christ’s sake. We don’t want their currency destabilized which this helps do.





Every time a lib posts, America’s competition cheers.